Will Amazon Sweden be the next country site to launch?

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Will Amazon Sweden be the next country site to launch

Amazon Sweden could be the next Amazon Marketplace to launch taking the total around the world to 18. Business Insider points to the Amazon Brand registry and notes that Sweden has been added as a country site where Brands can protect their IP and add rich content to product pages. Access to Brand Registry is a pretty good indicator that a full blown country site is coming soon.

Amazon has already launched in the Netherlands this year and migrated Souq over to the Amazon platform in Saudi Arabia.

Amazon Sweden will make for some interesting challenges for Amazon if they do launch in the country. It’s likely that they would wish to include the country in FBA programs such as Pan-European FBA and EFN. Sweden also has a new currency to deal with – the Swedish Krona as the country, like the UK, chose not to adopt the Euro.

One might think that Amazon Sweden would open the whole of Scandianivia, but whilst Sweden is in the EU, they are sandwiched between Finland (also in the EU) and Norway (not in the EU), with Denmark (in the EU) to the south.

Merchants choosing to sell on Amazon Sweden when (and if) it launches will have to trade in a new currency and translate into a new language. If you use currency transfer services and/or translation services it may be worth asking them if they support the Swedish Krona and Swedish.


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