Amazon SMB impact report reveals US seller success

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Impact report

This week Amazon released the Small business success in challenging times impact report which reveals continuous growth and success for US sellers on the marketplace.

According to Amazon their support for SMB’s is a vital step in offering their customers the best experience possible and despite the rapid change in consumer shopping behaviors since COVID small businesses have continued to grow. The report also details how AWS, Alexa developers and delivery and logistics are also thriving helping hundreds of thousands of businesses, partners and employees succeed with heir ambitions.

The impact report:

Some of the interesting findings from the report are detailed below, these finds are from data produced between June 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020:

  • American SMBs sold more than 3.4 billion products in our online stores, up from 2.7 billion year-over-year.
  • American SMBs had an average of $160,000 in sales – up year-over-year from about $100,000.
  • On average, American SMBs sell more than 6,500 products a minute in our stores.
  • The number of American SMBs that surpassed $1 million in sales grew by more than 20%.
  • American SMB sales from business customers on Amazon Business were over $7 billion.
  • American SMB exports amounted to more than $3.1 billion in sales, up year-over-year from $2.4 billion.
  • Almost 3,700 American SMBs surpassed $1 million in sales for the first time.
  • More than 450,000 worldwide SMB sellers on took advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon, and their sales grew by 34%.

“Our sales grew over 70% after the first year we joined Amazon. Amazon added a layer of credibility for us as a small business and helped us bring in new customers we wouldn’t have reached otherwise. During COVID, Amazon has provided stable income and allowed us to continue our give-back campaign supporting food security in NYC and hand sanitizer donations to local hospitals.”
– Sarah Ribner, CEO & Co-Founder, PiperWai


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