How to Build Your Email List as a Reliable Sales Channel

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Great marketing is the marketing that converts. This means that if you’re doing marketing the right way, it should be yielding results and returning your investment with each marketing campaign that you run.


One marketing channel many marketers and companies overlook but is worth exploring is email marketing. While email hasn’t changed much for the past twenty years that it has been around, it still works wonders and converts. Especially when you target the right audience.


Email remains the most effective communication channel that closes the gap between brands and customers. The majority of successful companies still run email marketing.


Marketers that invest their time and resources into building strong mailing lists are sure to bring in sales. But there’s a catch — you have to create high-quality content regularly, to engage and provide value to your readers, not just bombard them with sales pitches, discount codes, etc.


So without any further ramblings, let’s see how you can build your email list as a reliable sales channel for your business. This isn’t a step by step guide — simply because for every business the process is different — the article is packed with helpful information that can help you build your email list as a reliable sales channel.

Make Your Business Emails More Professional, Build Your Email List as a Reliable Sales Channel

Create a strategy to get more people to subscribe to your email list and increase your reach.

One of the things many business owners and marketers miss is coming up with an effective strategy that will drive the right prospects to submit their emails in your form. For the most part, they’re focused on creating the email and just sending the campaign out. While this is okay, and it’s an important step, skipping the strategy part is a sure way to fail.


When you’re creating the strategy, you have the chance to plan content for each stage of your sales process. That way, you can send out different content to people that are in various stages in your customer journey.


Let’s say you run a SaaS company, and you have a downloadable guide on your blog. The reader gives you their email, and you already have a subscriber. But that person isn’t ready to buy from you. They just aren’t interested enough.


Creating a strategy will help you turn them from just someone who stumbled upon your content to regular customers.


That’s why a week after they get their downloadable checklist, you send them an email full to the brim with helpful information that you believe will be of value to them.


And in the third email, you give them a free, 7-day trial to your software. Something that only they get as a perk. That way, in just two weeks, you have one (or potentially hundreds) of people trying out your tool.


Make sure you go the extra mile and segment the emails on your list, so you market correctly to them.

The secret to building a robust email list and generating a lot of money with your email campaigns is to segment every person that subscribes to your newsletter.


Otherwise, you don’t know what content to send to who.


Let’s put it this way — you wouldn’t create the same type of content for people that have never seen you, and those that have been your clients for a whole year. Segmenting your audience is a must if you’re looking forward to building your email list as a reliable sales channel.


Automate emails that people get once they buy something from you and cross-sell relevant goods or services.

If you don’t cross-sell your products in your automated confirmation emails, then you’re missing on a lot of opportunities.


Let’s say you’re running a store that sells beach gear and accessories. If a customer comes and buys a beach towel, you send him a confirmation email that his new, soft beach towel is on its way.


Now is a perfect opportunity to cross-sell him a nice, big beach umbrella that will keep him away from the harmful sun rays while he or she enjoys their day at the beach.


Mastering email marketing is no easy thing. You have to experiment, look at data, and most importantly — analyze. But, it’s also worth it in the long run! What email marketing tricks do you use most? Share them with us!

How to Build Your Email List as a Reliable Sales Channel


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