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Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BF/CM) are just around the corner. Advanced selling strategies will play a significant role for an epic ending in the year 2020. Therefore, Amazon sellers should already be strategizing in preparation for one of the biggest shopping days of the year which is Black Friday.

You don’t need to worry of cramming if you haven’t started yet because we have compiled the most incredible Amazon Black Friday selling tips from top Amazon sellers to help you.

Amazon Holiday Dash Deals

This year, Black Friday Week begins on November 23, 2020 and the shopping week culminates with Cyber Monday (November 30, 2020).

During Amazon’s Holiday Dash deals event, customers living in the U.S. and Canada can obtain Amazon Black Friday-excellent deals. New deals will be regularly dropped at This gives you the upper hand when it comes to selling with early holiday shoppers across the most giftable categories available on Amazon this holiday season. From cute toys to trendy fashions, up-to-date electronics, quality kitchen gadgets, authentic beauty products, and more.

Your customers don’t have to wait to secure awesome deals. With Holiday Dash, Amazon is making it easier to look for awesome gifts at amazing prices ahead of the holiday rush. Aside from that, most items shipped now through December 31, 2020 can be returned until the last day of January, 2020. Offer deals like the ones included here.

Amazon Holiday Dash Sourcing

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and most people know it. They make great money or save up to buy on Black Friday-worthy deals and check out on Amazon. What some people don’t know is that stores have some amazing sales the week before Black Friday and the week after.

Throughout this Q4 season, stores are eager to keep the money flowing and they give appealing offers over the course of a few weeks, not just on the big day. So, be attentive to all the sales leading up to Black Friday, and also the week after.

Sourcing in retail stores on Black Friday may possibly give you awesome ROI from just a few hours of sourcing but know that there are also loads of eye-popping Black Friday deals to be found online! Usually, when I shop online for resale, I would at least make a minimum purchase to get free shipping.

Saving money on free shipping is money saved to increase my ROI and help me purchase more inventory. But when I’m purchasing for Black Friday deals online, the time it takes to get my items shipped to me for preparation and shipment to Amazon takes time. Sometimes, paying $5 or $10 for faster shipping on an online order on Black Friday can be worth it because I can get my items into the FBA warehouse quicker, saving me more time.

Also, always make sure to check if the online stores are giving discounts on rushed shipping during Black Friday and use those discounts when possible to make a profit.

Analyze Your Data

Evaluate your own data for the past year or two. What type of products sold the most? When were your peak days? Which marketplaces gave you the best profit? While your own data is helpful, it is just part of the big picture. There is a world of data which can help you determine what to sell and where you sell it. You can track Amazon’s early sales as well as the trending sales category. But inspecting each product in a particular manner can be so troublesome that it doesn’t really make sense.

Have Enough Stock

You don’t want to run out of stock before the end of Black Friday because everything was sold out during the first day and you don’t have enough time to buy more or get it into Amazon, hence losing a huge sum of money. Don’t be afraid of going deeper into inventory. Moreover, do an intense research and analyze your sales from the past years and go deep on items. Don’t be afraid if you have a few left at the end of it, the items will sell.

Never run out of stock at all cost possible. When a brand is out of stock, they lose the Buy Box, thus slowing down the momentum of their Amazon BSR (best-seller rank). Audit, analyze, and compare your Q4 sales from three years ago up to this year to determine how much inventory to order.

Also, keep in mind that this busy holiday weekend will differ from any other year due to the postponement of Prime Day and there’s also the COVID-19 pandemic. Setbacks or delays in FBA shipping is expected, therefore make an effort to get inventory shipped to the FBA warehouse without delay.

Make certain that your inventory is ready before the holiday hustle for you to just put a label on and ship. For instance, if you are selling particular product bundles, it’s better to put all the items in one box beforehand, or designate it to a single location in your warehouse so all you have to do is pack, label and ship.

Offer Free Shipping

Attracting customers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be challenging. For sure, lots of those new sellers who lower their prices are going to sell out, so as a countermeasure, offer free shipping. It will be your USP (unique selling proposition), since every Amazon customer’s mind will be screaming only one thing, that everything online is on sale.

If you want to become a popular seller, you will offer an irresistible deal and ship it out for free. Free shipping will do the job for you. Offering a fascinating deal which you never offered during any other period plus the free shipping, will sure fire boost your sales.


Keep your price at a higher value and be firm with it until the day and then offer a discounted price for you to secure higher profits.

The most exceptional advice I can impart with you about seasonal events like Black Friday week is for you to analyze your data for the past years. This tip relatively links in with the first in that if you execute this procedure you will know around what price the items can reach during Black Friday and so even if they’re not performing well now they may be on that week.

Bundle your products

Gather products that complement each other; that is if you have multiple products listed on Amazon, and create an extraordinary bundle so that you are offering an irresistible deal to customers. Make sure to offer relevant  products together for a discounted price, it will certainly be the perfect chance for you to bedazzle your buyers with something unique which influences them to purchase from your store.

Amazon Black Friday: Advertising for Holiday Deals

At the moment, you should already have your Amazon inventory piled up, and this is now the stage for you to diligently promote and market your upcoming Black Friday deals. Send messages to your email lists with engaging, unique and captivating subject lines to let your potential customers know of your incredible Black Friday deals. Take advantage of your social media accounts, too. Drive your subscribers and followers into a craze as you entice them with your amazing, one-time deals. Create a need for them so they’ll be influenced to buy from your store.

Two to three months prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands should have started with their advertisement and promotion for them to build sales velocity. With greater sales velocity, a brand has the chance to win more sponsored product spots, earn a higher organic ranking, and establish a cheaper CPC.

A brand needs to understand well what they’re promoting beforehand, so they can come up with a strategy on how to market and advertise, as well as how to position themselves in front of their potential customers.  Furthermore, a brand will need to be certain that they have adequate inventory to accommodate Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales.

Include holiday-related search terms

Even if you don’t want to take up space all year with terms that are associated with winter holidays, you should start adding them right at this moment for you to gain traction in the search results.

For instance, if you’re selling kitchen scissors, we would definitely include common phrases like:

  • “Black Friday Deals”
  • “Cyber Monday Deals”
  • “Christmas gifts under ____ dollars”
  • “Hanukkah gifts for (him/her)
  • “cooking gifts” or “gift for cooks”
  • But I will also narrow it down to be more precise with terms including “kitchen gifts”, “kitchen gift ideas”, and more. While these won’t get as much traffic as broader terms the conversion rates are usually higher as the keywords get more targeted.

Amazon does not encourage the usage of words such as “deal” or “sale”. So, if you want to go strictly with the rules of Amazon stated in their terms of service (TOS), don’t use these words, instead use “ Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

Insert keywords throughout your listing

It may seem easier to just throw a few holiday-related keywords and phrases into the Search Terms field of your listing. It works better, however, if you place these keywords strategically throughout your listing. 

First, place the best holiday keyword you want to rank for in your title. Choose a few others to add to each bullet point. Then add a couple more into your product description. What is left over can go into the Search Terms field to fill it up.

Note that you should be very careful with keywords. Ideally, you should add them in slowly, and always monitor any changes. Above all, don’t reoptimize your entire listing to focus on holiday terms. 

When the holiday shopping season is over, don’t forget to remove all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and any other holiday and gift-related terms that you do not want to keep.

Amazon Black Friday: Tuck holiday-related keywords into other backend fields

If you no longer have any space to add keywords into your title, bullet points or Search Terms fields, add them into the Subject Matter, Target Audience, and/or Intended Use fields. These placements are not as effective as the others, but they will at least help you rank during the holiday season. Remember that every little bit helps during the fourth quarter.

Final Thoughts

Always provide excellent customer service no matter how busy things get. You need positive reviews – 4 or 5 stars – to get more customers to buy from you. And even one bad review can turn shoppers away, even if you have several more positive reviews. 

If you don’t have systems in place or not enough help to get through the business season of the year, make sure to get that set up ASAP. You need to do everything possible to ensure the best customer experience. At the very least, make sure you respond to every message within 24 hours, and make sure you do what you promise. 

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