Explained: 6 Digital Marketing Pro Tips For Amazon Sellers

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Amazon sellers put a huge amount of effort into optimizing their storefronts and listings on Amazon (which is essential). But offsite strategies can often be overlooked.

Here are 6 ways to get more traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more sales.

Amazon Sellers Taking Advantage of Social Media

Social Media is the starting point for getting images of your products in front of consumers. Therefore, provide high-quality images, easy text for scanning, and make sure to have product descriptions that answer as many questions as your customer may have.

Also, influencer marketing is a great alternative for your brand exposure. Find out how Amazon sellers can leverage the Amazon Influencer Program In 2020.


Get your best images ready to showcase on Instagram.  Most social media programs are driven by eye-catching images being able to “slow the scroll” of the user.  Make sure to follow up with consistent postings! Set a schedule of one a day or a week to make sure the followers you get are up to date with new products or changes. 


Twitter can be more text-based but still relies heavily on images and a quick overview.  As you will be dealing with limited characters make sure you develop a description that conveys as much as possible in a small area. 

Consider putting part of the text over the image itself. If you are linking directly to your product, ensure that the beginning of your product name immediately defines its purpose.


Possibly the most well-known of the social media platforms, Facebook is recognized worldwide. It provides paid advertising which allows you to tap into an immense analytics database, but also the option of using groups and shares for free.

A Facebook page for your business is often overlooked by Amazon sellers. This would give a helpful overview to potential customers by showing it is a current and active business – so make sure to post on it regularly.

If your products are niche-based, joining groups focused on that subject is also an excellent option as they bring together a wide array of people that are already interested in what your products relate to.


Pinterest, like Instagram, is very image-based. Thus, your product gallery needs to look super professional.

For most platforms, it’s best on a white background but for Pinterest, a content shot showing the item in use is more readily re-pinned by others.


Similar to Pinterest and Instagram, Tumblr is very image-based.  Tumblr invites heavy comment sections so try to keep an eye out for any questions being posted about your items.

Social Media provides numerous ways to get your products front and center. Below are the highlights of the best options for Amazon sellers

  • High-Quality Photos. Always use the best possible images, if possible provide multiple views using a plain white background and a content shot of the item in use.
  • Join. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all provide groups, boards, or ways to follow others. If your products are topic-specific, i.e. toys for children, then joining and following others interested in that topic are already pre-disposed to be interested. 
  • Research your target audience.  For example, Pinterest users are primarily female. If your product is something for women or something a woman would buy for someone else, this is an excellent site. If your product is geared towards men and is unlikely to be purchased as a gift Pinterest may not be the best place to focus your efforts.
  • Respond.  All social media platforms invite discussion by allowing commenting and sharing.  If you put your products up on display be prepared to scan the comments for any questions potential customers may have. A high response rate is proof your business is active and engaged.
  • #Hashtag.  Tagging can be confusing but is the best way to provide an in-platform search option.  For more information on tagging try checking out Hashtagify.

YouTube Channels

Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to get free traffic! Many people use YouTube as another search engine, looking for how-tos and consumer reviews. If your product is something that can be demonstrated in use this is the best way to show all of its functionality.

Customer Reviews

If possible, getting videos or photos back from your satisfied customers is a great way to provide positive proof of the quality of your product.  Make sure to get their permission if you plan to re-use them!

Product Reviews

The best way to showcase your products is to show how it solves the problem someone has! You do this by creating videos of your products in use.  This is a great way to demonstrate its usability, especially if there are multiple applications or configurations of it. 

Additionally, posting educational videos of a related topic is a great way to link back to showing the best way your product can be used and generates more interest. This is particularly useful if you do not yet have a wide enough selection of products to maintain a healthy posting schedule.


Finding sites, blogs, and articles about subjects that are related to your products and commenting on them is a great way to put your brand name in view. 

  • Be Positive. You’re trying to make a good impression! Leaving a negative comment, particularly on an article about a potential rival, only leaves a negative memory of your tone not a positive one of your product.
  • Be Specific. Simply saying, “Well written.”, isn’t going to cut it. Show that you read the piece and provide a well thought out answer
  • Don’t Redirect.  Mentioning your own product is allowed but try not to focus your comment on trying to redirect people to your site. You’re there to comment on that post, always keep that in mind.

Guest Blogging

Similar to commenting on other posts, guest blogging will get your brand out there by putting it in front of an established audience. Asking a blogger to allow you to publish your post needs to be done correctly. 

Remember, if you haven’t already established a positive relationship with them (see above “Commenting”) they may not respond well to your claims of being a follower or a fan.

Make sure you have laid some groundwork before reaching out, don’t just spam thousands of sites hoping for results. Research brands, find the correct team member to reach out to, show them you’re a real human and not a bot (because guest blogging is intended to be a symbiotic relationship, not a one-sided one).

Above all else, make sure the quality of the blog posts you provide the site owner with is excellent. If you don’t have a way with words, and are unable to write great blog posts then work with someone who can.

Answering Questions

Reddit, Quora, and forums are great ways to show you are informed and/or an expert in what your products are focused on.

Best Tips for Answering Questions

  • Start with Information.  Start by posting information or answering questions with detailed information. Linking back to your product is fine but establishing that you are knowledgeable in the subject is your first priority.
  • Product Linking.  Forums in particular allow linking in your signature, a great way to provide a subtle way for the reader to know you have related products that will show up with each response. Otherwise, choose your linking carefully, don’t rush into promoting your products before you’ve established a presence. Some platforms will have a requirement as to how many posts you must make before linking.


If there is a niche area for your product, find the “subreddit” that focuses on that topic. There will most likely be multiple ones to join just remember to maintain a solid presence on all of them.


People post questions to Quora hoping to get reliable information back in the answers. This is a place where you can create a solid reputation for knowing your subjects. Market your business on Quora and become a top writer to boost traffic.


Forums are content-specific. Great for niche-based products as you already know the audience is interested. Search for general topics and join a few forums. Start posting good content and you will establish your reputation quickly.

Email Marketing

Offering an email subscription for notifications of new products or other marketing materials is a great way to get repeat traffic. This is a topic that’s worthy of its own entire series of blog posts, but you should always be researching methods of growing your list (while avoiding the spam folder).

Always make sure to get permission to use email addresses given on any of the above platforms whether through an invite that explicitly states they are signing up to receive emails or clearly stating they will be used that way with a path to decline. 

Digital Marketing for Amazon Sellers

As you can see, being an Amazon seller does not mean you can’t get creative. There are a wide variety of ways to drive traffic!

So make a plan, start posting, and get the traffic moving!

(Things to Remember)

  • Image.  Many of the above platforms are image-driven. The “glance-ability”, the 3-seconds most people scrolling through social media allows, of your posts is what will bring customers in.
  • Response.  Posts, comments, reviews, questions, likes, and shares are what will drive your traffic. Keep an eye on what’s being said and respond whenever possible.
  • Knowledge.  Use as many platforms as possible to show you know your product and its value. If it’s niche-specific, establish your brand as knowledgeable and reliable.

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