Aliexpress 11.11 Sale: Tips For the Biggest Sale Day in 2020

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Are you dropshipping from Aliexpress or another Chinese supplier? If yes, then you definitely should know about Aliexpress 11.11 sale day, the world’s biggest sales day. On this day the prices are dropping down to 70% in Aliexpress and other similar Chinese wholesalers and retailers sites such as Chinabrands, Banggood, GogoMall, Gearbeast, etc. Only the 1st minute of the 11.11 shopping festival generated 1 billion dollars in sales for Alibaba Group last year. Imagine what will happen this year, when the whole of e-commerce is skyrocketing. 

We prepared for you all you need to know about the biggest shopping festival in the world: 

In addition, you will find here the useful tips on how can the dropshippers make advantage of the 11.11 global shipping festival.

Aliexpress 11.11 Sale day

What does 11.11 mean on AliExpress? 

First of all, you need to know that on the 11th of November, China celebrates the Singles’ Day holiday that is a kind of anti-Sant Valentine’s Day there. Alibaba along with other big retailers and wholesalers converted it into the biggest 24-hours shopping festival. Hence, 11.11. AliExpress means the biggest sale day of the year on AliExpress. It is known as the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Singles’ Day, Double 11, or 11.11 sale.  


Let’s see when Aliexpress 11.11 sales start and the buyers can purchasing the products with unbelievable discounts on Aliexpress.  

What time does Aliexpress 11.11 sale 2020 start​?

Aliexpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival starts on the 11th of November at 12:00 AM PT.  On this day you are able to buy the products with the lowest price of the year from almost all Aliexpress sellers and brands. It lasts only 24 hours, but many sellers present the discounted prices for their production 2 weeks earlier. As a consequence, you can start adding the interesting items to your cart with the discounted price from 28th October onward and purchase them on the 11 November.

How did the 11.11 shopping festival start? 

 As we have mentioned, China celebrates the Single’s Day on this day. This holiday is quite recent. It started out in 1993 at Nanjing University, where the students threw the parties to celebrate being singles. They chose the 11th of November (11/11) since this date consists of one one one one. A perfect date for this kind of festivities.

In 2009, Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant founded by Jack Ma that involves Aliexpress, commercialized this day and launched the “Double 11”,  the big discounts day. Since only they were offering super sales on that specific day, it was a huge success. They even trademarked the official “Double 11” name, which only they can use. In the meantime, the rest of the world use 11.11.                        

The interesting facts about last Aliexpress 11.11:

interesting facts about Aliexpress 11.11 sale
Interesting facts about the Chinese Single’s Day on November 11

Is Singles Day sale bigger than Black Friday?

Probably you would be surprised to hear that yes! Officially, the 11.11 shopping festival or Singles Day is bigger and more successful than Black Friday along with Cyber Monday. The numbers speak for itself: last year the shoppers spent $7.4bn during Black Friday and additionally $9.4bn on Cyber Monday, however, even if to sum them up, these numbers were not even close to the $38bn spent during Alibaba’s 11.11. shopping festival. For comparison, Amazon sells nearly half of this sum in an entire quarter. All this together makes 11.11 Singles Day super sale in 2,5 times bigger than Black Friday. 

Alibaba’s gross merchandise volume on Singles’ Day from 2011 to 2019 from Statista

Single Day promotion 11.11 is an extremely important and busy day for the sellers and shoppers. Just imagine: the 1st minute of Single Day 11.11 generated 1 billion dollars in sales in 2019! 

The Sorting Center on Aliexpress 11.11 is like…

11.11 and dropshipping with Aliexpress

How can the dropshippers make advantage of the 11.11 global shipping festival? 

First of all, if you are dropshipping with Aliexpress, start to list as many profitable products as possible beforehand. You would be able to see the discounted prices for the products you chose starting from the 28th of October on AliExpress, but keep in mind that this discount only applies on November 11. Hence, your listings price will be changed on 11.11 automatically, in the case you use the automated dropshipping software (if not, you will need to change it manually).

Dropshipping from China, in general, brings higher profit margins, but be ready that on 11.11 your prices will surely win the local suppliers and eBay search engine will pull them on the first pages.  

How To Set Sale Discount To Your eBay Products On 11.11

While eBay offers designated sales events feature that allows you to set discounts to specific items or to entire categories in advance you can’t really take advantage of it. You just can’t tell ahead which products will get discounted and by how much.

Moreover, eBay’s scheduled sales feature can take up to 12 hours to set the discount to your products. So even if you check the discounts in the beginning of the day and then set the promotion – you might miss many hours of that day just waiting for the prices to update.

Sales events under the marketing tab in the eBay seller hub

But there is still something you can do, you can list the items a few days before the super sales will start, and manually set their discounted price at the time they are discounted. This might require you to follow the promotions on Ali Express during the day as some promotions only last for a few hours.

Avoid Making Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Make sure that your handling time in the Aliexpress shipping policy will cover the remaining time and has the right shipping time, and then order the product on the 11 November. 

After getting the sale, react fast. The Single Day 11.11 sale lasts only 24 hours and you need to manage to order all the products within this day of course. Again, the help of the dropshipping software will reduce the time you will spend in fulfilling the order.  

Great news! Aliexpress has already launched its 11.11 sales product page for 2020 with recommended products: 

Aliexpress 11.11 sale product page for 2020
Aliexpress 11.11 sale product page for 2020

More tips for AliExpress Single Day sales

In order to be more productive, you can list only the items that for sure will have a discount. AliExpress will offer you an opportunity to filter search results showing Global Shopping Festival deals only: 

11.11 sale filter sign on AliExpress
11.11 filter sign on AliExpress

By the way, the same sign will appear on the product page then.

Secondly, Aliexpress offers various extra ways of the economy. For example, you can play games on Aliexpress to get additional coupons and discounts. Every time you will add the products to the cart, you will get coins that you can exchange later into the coupons. Hence, pay attention to such banners: 

Coins Banner in Aliexpress for 11.11 Global shopping festival

Moreover,  you can save some money for you by getting the additional coupons from 28 October – 6 November in the AliExpress Coupon Rain game. The game sign can suddenly pop up on any AliExpress page. Click on it and get extra coupons.  In addition, you get a 2$ coupon (usually) for every purchase.

Aliexpress 11.11 sale game banner

For avoiding scammers who offer fake discounts (firstly, they make the price higher and on the super sales day they reduce slightly the price), you can use the special AliExpress extensions to trace the price of a product, for example, AliTools.

aliexpress price checker extension for 11.11 Global shopping festival
AliExpress price checker

Unfortunately, even price checker services can be created since the sellers can create the store page right before the promotions day, so the statistics will be new. In such a case, pay attention to the product score (4 stars and above) and seller’s reviews. Don’t dropship from the shops with no feedbacks and who offer the shipping method with no tracking number. Besides, you can always check the seller’s performance: 

ali express seller overview
Locate your courser on the seller’s name to view the AliExpress supplier overview

Final thoughts

The biggest promotions day in the world, the 11.11 Global shopping festival, is approaching. You have still enough time to find the best-selling products from AliExpress and other Chinese suppliers, and list them on your dropshipping shop at an incredible price beforehand. Start to prepare your online shop already now! 

We wish you high discounts and many sales! Good luck! 


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