‘Whoa I Don’t Even Have a Uterus’: Amy Schumer Responds to Tampon Shortage Accusations

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There’s no shortage of blame here.

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Supply chain disruptions have led to nationwide shortages of several items, most recently baby formula, which caused fear and panic across the nation.

Now, there’s another product shortage in the realm of women’s health: tampons.

Supply chain issues have led to empty store shelves across the country. But rather than blaming the usual suspects, Tampax maker Procter & Gamble is pointing to one unlikely public figure: Comedian Amy Schumer.

What Is Amy Schumer’s Tampax Tampon Commercial?

Schumer has been a spokesperson for the brand since [TK] and filmed several commericals.

In one commerical, titled “What’s Your Combo?”, which aired in July 2020, Schumer sought to normalize conversations about menstruation and personal hygiene. In the clip, she talks to a girl who just had her first period and asks her what size tampon she needs, explaining the different sizes that Tampax has available and how during a woman’s menstrual cycle her sizes will vary and change.

It was a trailblazing commercial at the time [DO WE HAVE SOMETHING TO LINK TO TO PROVE THIS], as it centered around talking about the different stages of a person’s flow instead of simply showing the intricacies of the Tampax tampon itself.

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A second commercial shows Schumer trying to insert a Tampax tampon into a jelly doughnut while an OBGYN instructs her on how to properly complete the task before Schumer puts her signature comedic spin on the matter and bites the donuts.

Both commercials were well-received, the company said.

Tampax spokesperson Cheri McMaster told TIME that retail sales growth “has exploded,” noting that demand had increased an estimated 7.7% since the roll out of the commercial.

Why is Procter & Gamble Blaming Amy Schumer for the Tampax Tampon Shortage?

According to Time, Procter & Gamble is partially blaming the shortage on an increase in demand for Tampax products, specifically calling out Schumer’s commercials.

P&G said that the Tampax factory has been running 24/7 to keep up with the demand of the popular product.

All of Tampax’s products are created in one factory located in Auburn, Maine.

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A study from Nielsen IQ shows that the price of feminine hygiene products has shot up nearly 11% since 2021, which seems to be a factor independent of Schumer’s commercials and Tampax specifically.

Amy Schumer’s History With Endometriosis

Though she often keeps her banter lighthearted, last fall, Schumer shared with her nearly 12 million Instagram followers that she would be undergoing a surgery to treat endometrosis.

In September 2021, the comedian shared on Instagram that in order to treat the underlying condition of endometriosis, she had undergone a hysterectomy and appendectomy.

“[Women] are made to feel like they are just supposed to ‘tough it out’ but that is bullsh*t,” the comedian captioned the video of her in a hospital bed candidly. “We have a right to live pain free.”

In the video clip, Schumer shared that her doctor found over 30 endometriosis spots that had spread to her appendix, and she hoped to share her story in an effort to raise awareness about her condition.

“I’m feeling really hopeful and I’m really glad that I did it,” Schumer told viewers. “I think it’s gonna change my life.”

Amy Schumer Responds to Accusations

In typical Amy Schumer fashion, the comedian posted a screenshot of an article by the NY Post regarding the P&G accusations titled “Why Amy Schumer is being blamed for the tampon shortage.”

In her caption, Schumer, trying to make a joke out of a serious situation said, “Whoa I don’t even have a uterus,” in reference to her hysterectomy last September.

Within its first two hours, Schumer’s post received over 19,000 likes and 550 comments, including a “What????” from journalist Katie Couric and a “LOL” from television host Padma Lakshmi.

Schumer has not yet commented further on the matter.

As of early Thursday afternoon, P&G was up around 7.5% year over year.


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