Twitter’s financial performance is solid because no one cares

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Following the announcement associated with Twitter’s Q2 2020 outcomes today, Dr Ben Marder, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and advertising at University of Edinburgh Business School, believes the particular recent hack has not triggered any seemingly lasting harm to the value of the social media large.

“Twitter has already established an action-packed few months to put it lightly, starting with an ongoing fist-fight along with Donald Trump and very lately coming home to the home, cut and bruised following the most high profile cyber-attack they have ever suffered.

Although this latest disaster has scared investors and it has contributed to the fall in the share price, it has not really been as a bad since it could have been. Looking at this quarter’s earnings, having expected the drop in ad income due to Covid-19, we can wave our shoulders with the sleep, having found out that all these types of altercations haven’t caused any kind of seemingly lasting damage.

The questions is the reason why not? Surely, allowing Barak Obama and Elon Musk to unknowingly beg pertaining to Bitcoin on their platform, might leave investors quivering within their seats. I believe the answer is the fact that 99. 99 % from the user base simply usually do not care, and it is this part of the pie that rss feeds the social media giant.

“Since its beginning, Twitter has struggled in order to monetise its users, as its much larger Facebook has creatively carried out. Instead, it has relied within the mere size of its customers rather than exploring clever methods for getting into their pockets.

This year’s events, offering President Trump a black-eye and having a handful of visible accounts hacked, will only actually hurt Twitter if they result in mass exoduses by customers, which has not happened.

It seems not even those people high profile direct victims from the hack have left the site, therefore nor has anyone else. Hacked accounts on social media are usually sadly just a part of the technical jungle, with many user balances across different platforms obtaining hacked on a daily basis.

Although these ‘mosquito bites’ are annoying and the current one for Twitter provides flared up a little, individuals will continue to happily continue trekking and tweeting because of the benefits they continue to think this platform offers. ”

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Twitter’ s financial performance can be strong because no one cares about you

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