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Last Updated on October 15, 2020

Considering there are more than 13,000 donut shops in the United States alone, it’s no surprise settling on a unique name when starting a donut business can be challenging. 

Picking the right name gives potential customers an idea about what your business provides, creates a good first impression, and helps you stand out from the competition.

What donut shop names are you allowed to use? How do you come up with something the represents your brand best? And what about business name best practices? 

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If you’re not sure how to answer those questions, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn my top tips for choosing the perfect business name and how to make sure your favorite choices are available across the board. 

Let’s dive in!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Donut Shop Name

If you’re struggling to choose a company name for your donut shop, one of the best things to do is just to start brainstorming. As you go through the tips outlined below, make a list of words, phrases, and terms associated with your business. 

From there, you can narrow down the list and cross off ideas you don’t like. 

Once you have several top considerations, we’ll walk through how to make sure you’re allowed to use them. This last step helps you narrow down your list even more so you can make a final decision. 

1. Consider the Types of Donuts You Plan to Offer

If you have a favorite flavor of donut, it may be worth considering using these in your donut shop name. Maybe you want to focus on creme-filled or apple fritters or glazed donuts. 

Add the different types of flavors you want to be known for and add to your brainstorming list.  For a boost of creativity, expand the words around what your business does by using the thesaurus from your word processor or thesaurus.com to come up with additional synonyms.

Remember to avoid anything limiting your business’s future growth if you decide to go in another direction down the road. 

2. Location-Specific Terms

Many donut shops are specific to a geographic service area. So, if that’s true for your business, consider adding a location-specific term to your business name. 

You can consider things like:

  • City nicknames
  • Neighborhoods
  • Regions or states
  • And descriptive terms

However, consider what happens if you expand outside your intended service area. Does the name become limiting? If so, it’s best to avoid it if you plan to expand or change directions later. 

3. Avoid Business Names That Are Hard to Pronounce, Hear, or Spell

Despite the technological advances of voice search, assistants like Siri and Alexa struggle to understand slang and other confusing words. 

This could limit how often your business shows up in voice (and text-based) search if your name is hard to spell, pronounce, or hear. Because of that, it’s important to avoid complicated words, industry jargon, and using numbers in place of letters.  While having a unique donut shop name is good, being too unique may not be so good. 

Keep your business name as simple and easy to remember as possible so potential customers can easily find you. 

4. Consider Alliterations and Rhyming Words

Alliterations and rhymes are catchy and easy to remember. Because of that, they make for great business names. 

That said, it’s not always easy to come up with them. Start with choosing a few of your favorite words from your master brainstorm list. 

Then, you can Google “words that start with D” to come up with a name like Delicious Donuts or Dreamy Donuts or whatever letter you’re using to create an alliteration. Alternatively, you can search “words that rhyme with _____.” 

It can be time-consuming, but it’s an excellent place to start. 

And don’t forget to add any exciting finds to your brainstorm list while you’re at it. Try not to overthink the names you come up with.  Just write them all down as some of the more interesting ones may spark better ideas later.

5. Steer Clear of Initials or Obscure Acronyms

Initials and unusual acronyms are hard to remember, so they typically don’t make great business names. They can also be challenging to pronounce and confusing for voice search as well. 

Furthermore, there are 325 different two-letter combination possibilities in the English language. And the odds of your customers remembering the specific letters you chose are pretty small. 

6. Imagery Words

Another consideration when brainstorming name ideas is whether there are industry-related words that could also lend themselves to be used in a logo. For instance, a donut shop could use an image of a donut or coffee or rolling pin and focus the name around the image.


7. Still Struggling? Try the Owner’s Name

If you’ve made it this far and are still struggling to find the best name, you can always consider using the business owner’s name. Doing so works well if the owner also plans to be the face behind the business. 

Something to keep in mind is that using the owner’s name as the business name can make it more challenging to sell the business in the future. 

8. Look at Other Donut Business Names

Here is a list of donut shop names from existing businesses that may help give you some creative ideas.  While many of these names may be available for you to use, be sure to check first to be sure it can be used.

Tips on how to check business name availability are after the list of names!

  • #1 Donut Guys 
  • 34th Street South Donuts 
  • 55 Park Donuts 
  • 7 Days Donuts
  • 911 Donuts
  • A B C Donuts
  • Ambrosia Donuts 
  • America’s Donuts Of Main St
  • Angel Donuts
  • Baking & Donuts
  • Beach Donuts 
  • Best Donuts
  • Better Be Donut
  • Boston Donuts
  • Choco Donuts
  • Cinnamon Roll Donuts
  • Chris’s Mini Donuts
  • Chocolate Sprinkles Bakery
  • Citrus Donut Enterprises 
  • Clearwater Beach Donuts 
  • Crumpy’s Donuts
  • D & D Donuts 
  • Dad’s Donuts
  • Dairy Donuts & Sandwiches
  • Dank Donuts
  • Danny’s Donuts
  • Dapper Doughnut
  • Daylight Donuts
  • Deaux Boys
  • Destination Little Donuts
  • Dey’s Donuts & Croissants
  • Dilly Dilly Donuts 
  • Dirty Girl Donuts
  • District Doughnut 
  • Dogs-N-Donuts
  • Dojo Doughnuts & Coffee
  • Donnie’s Donuts
  • Donut & Dog
  • Donut Bar
  • Donut Bros 
  • Donut Cafe
  • Donut Crazy
  • Donut Daze
  • Donut Experiment
  • Donut Fantasy
  • Donut Gang 
  • Donut Hole
  • Donut House
  • Donut Hut
  • Donut Kings
  • Donut Madness
  • Donut Now
  • Donut Palace
  • Donut Parlor
  • Donut Shack
  • Donut Shop
  • Donut Snob 
  • Donut Stop
  • Donut Stop Believin’ 
  • Donut Temple 
  • Donut Therapy 
  • Donut Vibe 
  • Donut World
  • Donutlicious
  • Donuts & Deli
  • Donuts Donuts
  • Donuts New Mesa
  • Donutty
  • Doughlicious Doughnuts
  • Doughnut Break
  • Doughnut District
  • Doughnut Dollies
  • Doughnut Parlor 
  • Doughnut Works
  • Dover Donut Shops 
  • Downtown Donut Factory 
  • Downtown Donuts 
  • Dr. Doodles Donuts
  • Dragonfly Donuts Desserts & Deli
  • Duck Donuts
  • Duke of Dough
  • Dutch Country Donuts & Coffee
  • East Palatka Donuts 
  • Eat My Donuts
  • Emerald City Donuts 
  • Espanola Way Donuts 
  • Express Donuts
  • Family Doughnuts
  • Fantasy Little Donuts
  • Finest Donuts of San Diego
  • Five-O Donut Co
  • Florida Donut Factory 
  • Fluffy Donuts
  • Foothill Donuts
  • Fort Pierce Donuts 
  • Gavin’s Donuts
  • Glaze Donuts
  • Georgia Donut Bar
  • Glaze Like A Donut
  • Glazed & Confuzed Donuts
  • Golden Doughnuts
  • Golden Gates Doughnuts 
  • Gourmet Doughnuts
  • Granny’s Donuts
  • Habit Doughnut Dispensary
  • Happy Baker
  • Happy Donuts
  • Heidi’s Country Cakey Donuts
  • Hidden Doughnut Shop
  • High Voltage Donuts
  • Hole In One Donuts
  • Holistic Donut
  • Hollywood Donuts
  • Holy Donuts
  • Hometown Donuts
  • Hurts Donut Co
  • I Donut Care 
  • I Heart Donuts
  • Infinity Donuts
    Jelly Modern Doughnuts
  • Jupiter Donuts Of Largo 
  • Kickn Doughnut
  • King Mini Donuts 
  • Lickin Good Donuts
  • Local Donut
  • Louks Greek Baby Donuts
  • Mag’s Donuts & Bakery
  • Maynard’s Donut Co
  • Mini Doh! Nuts! 
  • Mini Donut World
  • Mini Doughnuts Rule 
  • Mr. Donuts & Bakery
  • Ocala Mini Donuts 
  • Oh Donuts
  • One Stop Donut Shop
  • Paradise Donuts
  • Patterson Donuts & Cafe
  • Peace Love & Little Donuts
  • Race Track Road Donuts 
  • Ray’s Donut Shop
  • Rolling Donut
  • Salty Donut 
  • Shaka Donuts 
  • Simply Done Donuts
  • Sir Dippin Donuts
  • Skinny Donuts
  • Southern Maid Doughnuts
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Sunny Donut
  • Sunrise Donuts
  • Superfly Donuts
  • Sweet Puff Donuts 
  • Sweet Retreat Donuts
  • Swillerbee’s Craft Donuts
  • Swiss Donuts
  • Take The Donuts 
  • Tarpon Springs Donuts
  • Taste of Heaven Donuts
  • Tasty Donuts
  • Tasty Doughnuts
  • Tennessee Donut Crazy
  • Texas Donut Professor
  • The Baker’s Dozen
  • The Donut Fairy
  • The Doughnut Oregon
  • The Donutery
  • Tiger Point Donuts 
  • Trio Donut & Coffee 
  • Valkyrie Doughnuts
  • Velvet Cream Doughnuts
  • Victory Donuts 
  • Vintage Doughnut 
  • Voodoo Doughnut
  • West Coast Donut Factory 
  • White Cup Donut
  • Wongz Donutz
  • World’s Fare Donut

Checking the Availability of Your Top Considerations

At this point, you should have several top considerations to choose from. And the best way to narrow it down further is to check each one for availability. 

This step is vital because using a name that someone else is using could be very costly, time-consuming to rebrand your business, and possibly embarrassing. There are several places to look to check whether a name is available to use, so let’s walk through each one. 

Trademark Search

Trademarks are the most critical, so we’ll start here. 

If a name or phrase is trademarked, you’re not allowed to use it in a similar capacity. So, run a trademark search for each business name you’re considering and cross off those that aren’t available. 

Learn more about 

Local Search

Just because there isn’t a federal trademark on a name doesn’t mean the name you want is available.  That’s because there is a trademark known as a common law trademark. A common law trademark isn’t filed anywhere but provides someone who uses that name in commerce some limited rights in their geographical area to use the name.  It can be hard to define how far geographically these rights extend as each industry is different. Still, at a basic level, someone can’t open a business and name it the same or similar name as a competing business in town. If you think the name could potentially create confusion with customers, it is usually best to just find another one to use to avoid potential legal issues down the road. 

To do a local search, open up the phone book (if you still have one), and do a Google search to see if there are any local competitors with a similar business name to the one you want to use. 

Cross off any similar names from your list and take the rest and let’s keep checking.  

State Entity Search (If Applicable)

If you plan to register your donut shop as a corporation or LLC, you must register with a unique business name. Each state requires every corporation or LLC to register a unique name for their entity.  This doesn’t necessarily protect your name from anyone else using it, but nobody can register a corporation or LLC under the same name in your state.

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If you find the name is in use, cross it off your list and move on.

Domain Name Availability

Website addresses aren’t as critical as the first three searches, but it’s still worth doing. Typically, you want your domain name to be “yourbusinessname.com” without any numbers, dashes, etc.

It’s easiest for customers to remember, but these are hard to come by.

However, you can explore other configurations and extensions if your preferred domain name isn’t available. Just remember your customers may have a more difficult time finding you online.

You can start with . Type in the domain name you want to use to see if it’s available. The tool also returns other possibilities you may want to consider.

Social Media Profiles

Next, especially if you are stuck between a couple of names, check and see if anyone is already using your potential donut shop names on social media. Consider which platforms you plan to use and start with those. 

Keep in mind you may have to shorten your company name for some platforms. Twitter only allows 15 characters, for example. 

Start with your preferred platforms and do a quick search for your name. If nothing pops up, that likely means no one is using it, and you’re good to go. 

Example: Someone is using startingyourbusiness on Instagram, so I would have to choose a different handle, making it more difficult for customers to find me.

Hopefully, you now have some good donut shop name ideas. Once you have this list narrowed down to just a few and researched that they are all available, start asking friends, family, and potential customers their thoughts to get feedback, and then pick your perfect donut shop name!

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