This SAT Prep Course Was Funded on Shark Tank

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Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere. And, likewise, every entrepreneur’s kid has to start somewhere, too. If you’re getting into that period of your kid’s life where they’re pursuing college while juggling the busy life of a teenager, you want to give them every bit of help they can get. So when it comes time for the SATs, help them get the best score possible with the Self-Paced Video SAT Prep Course.

Prep Expert

This video course offers students more than 100 test prep strategies developed by Prep Expert, an ed-tech company that specializes in online SAT and ACT preparation. Prep Expert was founded by Dr. Shaan Patel, M.D., who scored a perfect score himself on his first SAT exam. Since then, he’s funded Prep Expert through Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank and been featured by The New York Times and USA Today.

Through this course, your student will get 30 hours of video content covering effective SAT strategies and the proven top 1 percent of SAT prep methods. Students will have access to the course for a year, giving them plenty of time to go at the strategies at their own pace. It’s accessible any time, anywhere on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection so it won’t interrupt any existing study patterns.

The course covers Math, Reading, Writing, and General SAT topics, all with a mind of helping students ace the SAT — or at least score as well as they possibly can. With a great score, they’ll have a better chance at admission to the world’s top universities, as well as scholarships, and more perks.

Help your student ace the SAT on their first try. Right now, the Self-Paced Video SAT Prep Course is on sale for half off $699 at $349.50.

Prices subject to change.


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