These limited edition NFTs of real-life street art are getting listed on Rarible

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Leveraging blockchain technology to add value to street art, KIWIE plans to release 1001 exclusive NFTs and real-life artworks across 195 countries in the next five years under its new project KIWIE 1001.

With the hype around blockchain and NFTs at an all-time high, content creators across industries, such as artists, musicians, athletes, and entertainers, have joined this revolution, and more continue to follow suit.

In the latest iteration, famous Latvian street artist, KIWIE, has come up with a great way of monetizing street art and offering buyers complete ownership and authenticity using blockchain technology.

The unique concept, KIWIE 1001, is a project that will generate 1001 Kiwie NFTs and real-life artworks around the world in 195 countries in the next five years. Unlike regular NFTs, KIWIE NFT collectors will gain exclusive ownership over real-life street artwork anywhere in the world through blockchain technology.

The first batch of exclusive NFTs will be launched via Rarible on April 13th. Following this launch, KIWIE plans to release four more collections in the coming months, all of which will be new NFT-specific artworks.

Blockchain & NFTs To Redefine ‘Ownership’

Each KIWIE NFT will be for individual artworks. For each piece of art, a 3D model will be generated, representing the actual street art. The figure will include a geotag linking the NFT to its respective artwork.

The holder of the NFT effectively owns the street art and is free to resell the artwork. Once the KIWIE NFT is purchased, a metal certificate will be printed and sent to the owner of the NFT. This metal certificate will act as a rare collectible and will only be made once per artwork.

Former Managing Director of Riot Games Europe, Paul Breslin, highlights that this innovative idea can redefine street-art ownership and enable more artists to monetize their content.

He underlines:

“I have been following Kiwie for years and am continuously being blown away by the creativity and originality. This project goes beyond just NFT’s and in the world of gaming has many avenues to delight and entertain the global gaming audience for years to come.”

Street Art, Blockchain, NFT – A New World Of Content

KIWIE’s lead business strategist and blockchain gaming industry veteran,  Kristaps Vaivods, is the person behind this unique idea of fusing NFT and street art using blockchain technology. He is highly confident that this concept will be a game-changer.

He states:

“The Fat Monster is a unique and iconic creation, and it’s different from what many other street artists do. I just love the global community that formed around the cute monsters, and I hope that the ability to really own a piece of street art will be even more inspirational.”

NFTs revolutionize the street art landscape due to their non-invasive aspect. Previously, selling a graffiti artist’s work meant detaching the wall where it was painted, as the location was a significant part of its existence. Through KIWIE NFTs, collectors will own the digital version and the physical version of the art.

KIWIE, the original creator of Fat Monster, concludes, “Using NFTs to represent ownership allows us to maintain the beauty of the art intact. Blockchain is not just a buzzword here, it legitimately enables something that used to be impossible.”

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