The most expensive video game ever! They sell a sealed cartridge of 1986 ‘Super Mario Bros’ for more than 13 million pesos

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Taking care of your games brings rewards … or never play them like in this case.

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Collectibles become an object of desire and people pay huge sums for them. This Friday, in the city of Dallas, Texas, United States, a closed cartridge of the 1986 Super Mario Bros was auctioned for 660,000 dollars (more than 13 million pesos), becoming the most expensive video game in history. A record price!

The one in charge of the sale was the Heritage Auctions auction house, which was announced through its Twitter account. The same auction house said the video game was purchased as a Christmas present, but ended up in a desk drawer. In that place it remained closed and with the tongue intact until it was found in early 2021.

Heritage said this is the best known copy that has ever been rated. The 1986 Super Mario Bros, far exceeded the previous auction of a 1987 Super Mario Bros game for $ 114,000 (just over two million pesos) made by an anonymous buyer in July 2020.

Image: Heritage Auctions, Twitter

This is the oldest (sealed) copy that has been auctioned, as its production and sale was very short on the market.


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