The metals have broken out! Should I buy? What should I buy?

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The Metals have broken out! Should I Buy? What should I buy?

First, will today’s breakout last?  Who knows – no one!  Iran shoots down a drone – is that a flash in
the pan or the start of something real?

It is very difficult for many to buy on a breakout.  Shucks, I could have purchased yesterday or
last week for considerably less.  And if
I do buy, are prices going to retreat next week?

The best advice I can give is to not buy anything today and
wait to see if these prices stick.  Futures
speculators love volatility and they are getting it in spades today.

What I would strongly encourage you to consider is swapping
(trading) a portion of your gold for silver or platinum.  Both metals are as cheap as they have been
relative to gold for the last 20 years. 
That is not going to last.  This
WILL turn around.  No one knows when, but
it will.  I have personally swapped a significant
amount of my gold holdings into silver and platinum.

As a result I expect to realize a 50 – 100% increase in silver and platinum ounces for the gold I swap.

How does it work?  We
will buy your gold and sell you low premium platinum or silver.  We reduce our commissions by 50% on both
sides of the trade so as to not double dip. 
There are premiums and bid/ask spreads that will consume approximately
5% of the trade but that will quickly disappear as the ratios decline over

Here are the charts:

If you would like to discuss this strategy and determine
whether it fits your individual situation, we would be happy to visit over the
phone with no pressure, no obligation.

Quote:  “The
history of paper money is an account of abuse, mismanagement, and financial

Richard M. Ebeling

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