The future of social media and protecting user data in web3 w/ Lens Protocol and the Aave companies

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CryptoSlate’s Akiba speaks to the Head of Growth for the Aave companies, Christina Beltramini, about the future of social media in web3, the reasons why it is needed, and how users can protect their data by migrating to web3 social.

Christina and several other members of the Lens Protocol team came from TikTok, which overcame market pressure to make huge waves in web 2.0 social media.

The creation of short form, vertical videos that could be easily shared and form the basis of collaborations took the world by storm. So much so that Instagram and YouTube replied through the integration of Reels and YouTube Shorts, a direct parallel with TikTok’s innovative content style.

The future of Lens being led by the web 2.0 pioneers that helped grow TikTok could be the X-Factor it needs to establish itself at the core of the next evolution of social media.

Watch the full video here.

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