S!NG Allows You to Create and Sell Your Own NFTs Via Your Phone or Tablet

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If you want to join the NFT craze and make money, this app helps you do that from your iPhone or iPad.

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While cryptocurrencies are increasingly gaining popularity and capitalization, we must not underestimate the NFTs, the new crypto sensation. Non-fungible tokens have become fashionable because they can be sold for astronomical sums.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an artist, programmer, or celebrity to make money from your own NFTs. The   The new S!NG app, currently only available on the Apple App Store, helps you create and sell these new digital assets.

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An NFT or non-fungible token is the sign of ownership of a unique digital asset, such as images, video clips or tweets, stored on the blockchain . NFTs can be bought and sold, but they are not mutually interchangeable, like cryptocurrencies and other utility or network tokens, which are fungible by nature.

The most important use case is digital artworks , which have been sold on blockchains for millions of dollars worth of Ethereum , a native currency of the ‘crypto’ world.

Of course, there are many NFTs that have nothing to do with digital art and are sold in that market. Such is the case of the first tweet by Jack Dorsey , CEO of Twitter, which reached a price of 2.9 million dollars at auction. There’s also the iconic floating cat GIF ‘Nyan Cat’ , which was auctioned for $ 590,000 last February.

You can create your own NFT from your cell phone or tablet

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or if you barely know how to draw, and you don’t need to be a celebrity to generate and sell non-fungible tokens. If you have an iPhone or iPad and an internet connection, you can start creating digital assets right away.

The S!NG application (free, by the way), is used to make NFTs on your own, store them and, soon, to sell them. In addition, it works as a wallet to hold Ethereum, the main cryptocurrency used in NFTs transactions.

After downloading the app and opening a user account, you just have to upload a file as the basis for your project, for example, an image, video or audio. The app can be used to individual creation, but you can also count on collaborators.

As they explain on their website, once you have the material or the finished project, S!NG turns it into an NFT that you can share or sell. You can also store them in your digital wallet, waiting for a good buyer willing to pay for them.

Although the app does not yet have the buy-sell function, in the coming weeks it will be incorporated into the OpenSea API, NFT’s largest market, so you can sell your non-fungible tokens or buy digital material from other creators.

Considering the sheer amount of absurd digital assets being offered on the NFT market (like the “Bad Luck Brian” meme, which sold for $36,000 ), you lose nothing by trying.


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