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The biggest challenge sellers have on Amazon is standing out from the competition. In order to keep up, businesses can benefit from tools like Sellics to get the right metrics at the right time to make profitable business decisions. Therefore, we’ve put together this Sellics product review to help you understand why this is the best tool at your disposal.

Sellics is a package that bundles 3 to 5 analytics tools that can be used to monitor competitors, optimize rankings, manage reviews, track performance, etc.

This commercial analytics business started as a keyword ranking tracker and then added multiple features to become the all-in-one software option for sellers on Amazon we know today. They boast several major names as clients, including L’Oréal, Private Label Journey, Chal-Tec, KW-Commerce, and Bosch.

Let’s jump right in to their features!

Sellics Features

To access the features provided by Sellics, you’ll need to sing into a Seller Central account.

Product Detector

Sellic’s Product Detector gives you a breakdown of the products currently listed on Amazon. It’s mainly used to find goods with low competition that might be more profitable.

The Product Detector has filters that sellers can use to decide how the products are sorted. You can organize your products by sales rank, number of reviews, etc.


This feature works as a dashboard that helps you visualize all types of data useful to make decisions: profits and sales, reviews, performance, PPC performance, rankings of keyword, etc.

Sellers can also see a list of all of your products with existing sales rank, revenue share, and sales.

Spy Tool

Spy Tool allows sellers to keep track of the prices of the competition and to find out which are the leading sellers.

Some businesses use it to keep track of sales volume of target products to check the highest and lowest prices to find trends. This way you can decrease the risk of investing in products that might not sell well.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management puts all of your stock information in a single place. You can calculate the ideal reorder dates and receive alerts based on current inventory, production and delivery times to know exactly when to restock.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword Rankings can be used to research keywords, to find keywords your competition is ranking for, and to research all possible keywords for your market. You can see keywords with the most traffic, and those with the least competition. Sellics has around 180,000,000 keywords in its Amazon database.

You can track your products ranks over time to improve your listings.

Niche Analyzer

The Niche Analyzer does exactly that. It analyzes sales volume and competitiveness in your niche. You can have an idea on how difficult is to get to a top rank with critical keywords.

PPC Manager

The PPC manager allows sellers to pull data and metrics from their Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and to analyze, optimize and keep track of them from Sellics. It shows your advertisement performance metrics by cost, revenue, CTR, CPC, impressions, orders, etc.

PPC identifies keywords that aren’t working as well and it provides alternatives based on search volume and impressions. With basic automation functions you can adjust your bid prices based on their performance.

Profit Dashboard

Profit Dashboard is a feature that integrates with your Seller Central so you can visualize your profit margins after chipping, Amazon, and FBA fees. Your profit margins are updated every 5 minutes.

You can manually enter the individual cost of a single unit of your products to get better results and to see which of your products is the moneymaker.

Review Management

Sellics’ Review Management sends notifications and alerts when there’s a negative review in one of your products. You can take quick action, which is the most recommendable thing to do to avoid any damage to your metrics.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics has a free 14-day-trial that allows you to test all available before buying the plan. Sellics suggests users to start by testing as many relevant keywords as possible. So if you’re not sure on how to proceed, start with the Keyword Rankings.

Subscription Plans

Sellics offers a variable price model that you can choose based on your sales volume.

Note that your subscription charge will be linked to your sales on Amazon. Here’s a diagram to help you understand better:

sellics pricing




Security and Privacy

Sellics runs On Amazon Web Services. This means that the data is pulled directly from Amazon’s API and is displayed for you, but it will not be stored within Sellics.

Your credentials are kept private. Sellics agree to never share your details with third parties because you are a member of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network.

Sellics PROs

  • Supports all of Amazon marketplaces. Sellics is available in UK, U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Sellics pulls accurate data and metrics from Amazon. It’s easy for sellers to see this information clearly to understand insights.
  • You can easily keep track of your conversion rates and sessions for all products.
  • Excellent customer care. You can get in touch with support via email or live chat.
  • All your questions will be answered fairly quickly.
  • Amazon provides a knowledge base online on how to use each feature along with tips to effectively grow your business.
  • What you pay for the program is determined every year based on your business volume, so it adapts to your needs.

Sellics CONs

  • If you decide to use the free trial, you’ll still need to connect to your SC account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to try most features.
  • The fact that they add promotions from third parties to the profit dashboard. Even if they’re not yours, they might artificially inflate revenue numbers.
  • Sellics only shows information from the last two months, so there’s not an actual history on the dashboard. This is set by Amazon’s API.
  • You’re still not able to manage users within the tool. Different users don0t have different rights, although Sellics is working on it.
  • It’s not possible to integrate more than one Seller Central account to a single Sellics accounts. Sellics does offer a 20 percent discount for every extra Sellics account you need.
  • You can’t download or export reports from the Sellics account. You can’t see nor analyze your return on investment on Sellics.
  • The pricing model might be confusing. It takes a little effort to fully understand how the pricing works, since it depends on your Amazon sales and subscription fees.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Sellics product review comes in handy for you. Keep in mind that it’s a great advantage to have all the analytics tools you need in a single tool. Sellics is a great way to keep track of all performance and data metrics you need to be aware of to make smarter decisions and expand your business.

So, if you want to beat the competition, you’ll need the help of Sellics features.

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