SellerActive Product Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

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To stand out in a competitive marketplace, you’ll need a tool to help you manage your inventory and to have accurate listings active. That’s when SellerActive comes in.

SellerActive is an automated eCommerce platform for inventory and fulfillment solutions. It enables multi-channel e-commerce channel providers to streamline and optimize their productivity. In a nutshell, this great tool offers a range of digital features to simplify the sending and processing of the most popular online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Walmart.  

All this, along with its business intelligence and powerful listing tools save the time spent on management so you can take complete control of your business. Save time and money with SellerReview when you build and sync listings across different sales channels.

It works best for small to medium size e-commerce sellers that sell or want to sell physical products across one or more marketplaces.

In this review, you can find out what features SellerActive offers, so you can consider if it’s the right fit.

What can SellerActive do?

SellerActive provides realtime business data, sales forecasting and low-stock alerts, while the management module provides order consolidation, shipment management, packaging slips, and batch processing.

SellerActive was created to increase revenue by optimizing different task your online business needs. Some of the things you can do with seller active are:

Multi-Channel Inventory Control

Manage your inventory in every channel from a single place.

Multichannel Order Management

Save time by automating and streamlining your fulfillment in every channel.

Automated Market-Based Repricing

SellerActive Price Intelligence reprices your items automatically. Just set a goal, set a minimum / maximum price, and set your target competitor. PriceIntelligence will take care of everything else. It can also give you complete visibility into your competitors’ pricing strategies and it informs you about changes to competitor product lists. This can help you capture more Buy Boxes, rank higher, and shift more units during important selling seasons.

Optimized Workflow

A set of easy-to-use tools to improve your efficiency, including custom package list design, bulk data loading, multi-format export, etc.

Intelligent Shipping

Find the lowest shipping rates of all major suppliers with a single click and scan. SellerActive’s all-in-one control panel lets you automatically send sales from all listed online marketplaces to find the best distribution rates based on list price comparisons.

Customer Support

Each SellerActive user is assigned a personal client success agent, ready to assist via phone or online.

Multichannel E-Commerce Management

You can easily upload or create your product catalog on SellerActive to build listings that you can use on every channel.

ASIN Creation

This product creation tool helps you create new catalog items on and e-commerce platform. Don’t miss a chance to be first-to-market with new and original products.

Product Data Mapping

Make sure your listing info imports to the right place.

Order Management

You’ll no longer need to switch between sales channels to manage order fulfillment. SellerActive allows you to process your orders and tracking from the dashboard.

Continuous Updates for the User

SellerActive has a commitment to make your user experience perfect and efficient. Your comments and suggestions on the SellerActive will be carefully reviewed and any system updates you suggest will be considered.

More E- Features

  • Product bundling
  • Variation support
  • Easy organization with product tagging
  • Full FBA integration
  • Best-in-class support
  • Affordable a-la-carte pricing options

SellerActive Pricing

SellerActive offers different plans that you can choose from. You can be billed monthly at a regular price or pay annually and get 20% off . The price varies depending on the tools you actually need for your business, but you can try the app out with their 30-day free trial. The plans are the following:

  • Basic Plan : It has a monthly GMV Limit of $10,000 for $USD 79.00 per month. You can add the Repricing Tool and the Product Creation Tool for USD $50.00 each, every month.
  • Premium Plan: At $179 per month with a GMV limit of $25,000. You can add the Repricing and the Product Creation Tool for $75 each, every month.
  • Plus Plan: Ge a GMV limit of $100,000 for $299.00 per month. The Repricing and Product Creation tools have a monthly fee of $100 each.

Pro Plans

If your business has limit of $250, 000 or higher, then you’ll have to get a Pro Plan:

  • Elite: A monthly GMV limit of $250,000 for $499 per month. The add-ons of repricing and product creation are $125 a month.
  • Platinum: Get a Monthly GMV limit of $500,000 for $699 per month. The add-ons of repricing and product creation are $150 a month.
  • Enterprise: A monthly GMV limit of $1,000,000 for $899 per month. The add-ons of repricing and product creation are $175 per month.
  • Unlimited: If your business has a GMV of over 1,000,000 you can get an unlimited plan. Get in touch with an agent at SellerReview to discuss the monthly price.

All plans have access to inventory and order management, including price reductions, market and shopping basket integrations, multichannel consolidation, a detailed implementation process, and a System and Business Training.

SellerActive PROs

  • Easy to use. User experience is on point.
  • It’s easy to incorporate to your business and the support team is available to provide many training opportunities.
  • Excellent integration and expertise. The tools provide a range of options to optimize and streamline your business. The support team is there to make sure you use them to the full potential.
  • Customer Service is available via email or phone to answer any question you may have.
  • You can set up filters and download inventory in a user-friendly format to be able to process a large number of lists in minutes.


  • In spite of its many useful features, it’s still missing, like product categorization and smart reprint.
  • Although support is always available, sometimes the integrations can take some time.
  • Some features may not be as easy to find.

Is SellerActive worth it?

If you’re already selling on more than one marketplace, SellerActive can be of great help, especially if you lack the staff to help you grow your business. As you get used to the platform, most cons disappear.

SellerActive is a time-saving interface that was created to help you expand your business with multi-channel management, including order and inventory management.

SellerActive users can list products to Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other popular eCommerce platforms directly from within SellerActive, saving you a lot of time. The moment you make a sale or update your inventory, SellerActive automatically coordinates product quantities across your channels.

So, if you’re selling on different channels and want to streamline inventory from a single place, SellerActive is the answer.

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