Self-Publishing on Amazon and its Pros and Cons

Self-Publishing on Amazon and its Pros and Cons
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Self-Publishing on Amazon and its Pros and ConsA Guide on Self-Publishing on Amazon and its Pros and Cons

Amazon has transformed self-publishing. The self-publishing market has grown tremendously. Creating and publishing your book to make money has never been easier. However, people still wonder about is self-publishing on Amazon worth it.

For this, you must learn about self-publishing on Amazon pros and cons here.

Self-publishing on amazon pros and cons: What do you need to know?

Here we have some important self-publishing on amazon pros and cons to know:

Pros of self-publishing on Amazon

Below are some of the key benefits of self-publishing on amazon.

Amazon offers a gigantic selling platform.

Amazon offers a lucrative platform. Moreover, selling your self-published work to a huge audience is trustable and reliable. You don’t have to work harder to distribute your book. Instead, you can get help from Amazon’s built-in marketing tools. These tools will help you to promote your work and increase sales.

More control over your work 

Another advantage of self-publishing on Amazon is having more control over the process’ creative part. You can choose a content, title, cover page, and every other creative detail on your own. No gatekeeper is there in the process to reject or change your work at all. Even though you may need to work with a graphic designer or editor, the end decision will still be yours.

Enhanced flexibility

Self-publishing on Amazon allows you to choose the medium you want to produce. You can decide between printed or digital work per your convenience, audience, and preference. Amazon self-publishing offers you enhanced flexibility in this regard.

Cons of self-publishing on Amazon

Some important things to keep in mind are given below.

Exclusivity clause of Amazon

It can be the major disadvantage of self-publishing on Amazon. Self-publishing on Amazon comes up with a 90-day exclusivity period. As per this period, you can’t sell your eBook’s digital copy elsewhere for the first 90 days. This limitation can dent your launch, particularly if you want to publish it everywhere.

Content Limitations 

Self-publishing on Amazon restricts you from posting more than 10% of content elsewhere online. You have to take it down quickly if you have published it anywhere else from your blog. Otherwise, Amazon considers it a violation.

So, these points will make it clear for you to know self-publishing on amazon pros and cons and how you should start it..

An insight into how to write an eBook and make money?

Do you feel the idea of writing an eBook and making money seems overwhelming? Then here is a quick guide for you:

Find a good eBook writing idea and validate that. Addressing the common problems of your audience would be a better option.

Firstly, write the outline of your eBook. Starting with your table of content can help you organize your ideas into an easier workflow.

Choose any writing software you are comfortable with to write and format your eBook.

eBook editing is a key step here. Get help from your friends and family to proofread your eBook content.

Designing an eBook cover is another important step here. Be creative with it.

Now you can publish your book on Amazon to sell it and make money.

These tips will help you understand how to write an eBook and make money in a professional way.

Final Remarks:

Don’t forget to promote your eBook on social media platforms and blogs for enhanced exposure. You can make the most of your talent if you are willing to have the confidence to hustle and showcase your skills.

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