Safe Kids Worldwide partner with Amazon to help keep kids safe

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Amazon have announced a new partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide to help educate consumers and protect kids from preventable injuries such as traffic injuries, falls, and burns. Over the coming year, Safe Kids and Amazon will host a series of events for new parents to learn about infant and child safety topics, including helmet and bicycle safety, car seat safety and safe sleep practices.

Safe Kids Worldwide are dedicated to spreading awareness on infant and child safety. According to the organisation, injury prevention works but there are boundaries that often prevent parents from receiving correct information. Partnering with Amazon, a marketplace that is so vital to many parents will help Safe Kids Worldwide expand their reach.

“Amazon is committed to the safety of all of our customers and their families, which is why we are proud to partner with Safe Kids on this important topic. Whether it’s a car seat, a toy, or a bicycle we want to make it easier for new parents to learn about ways to keep kids safe, including how to choose and properly use these products.”
– Carletta Ooton, Amazon’s Vice President of Product Assurance, Risk & Security

Amazon has developed industry-leading tools to ensure all products offered in its stores are safe and compliant and works with regulatory agencies to share information that helps the agencies identify trends, develop regulations, and improve consumer product safety. To support parents and caregivers, Safe Kids and Amazon are offering helpful resources, including Online Events, Virtual Car Seat Events and Community Baby Showers. You can find out more about Safe Kids Worldwide and their educational events on their Facebook page.

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