Profitable Products For Drop Shipping in 2020 From Recommended Niches

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Dropshipping from Ali Express to eBay is one of the best ways to start a dropshipping business. I decided to perform an eBay dropshipping product research and try to find profitable trending products. All of the products in this article show a clear sales record, they are all most likely a dropship from Ali Express to eBay. My hope is that it will inspire you and give you ideas about what to sell.

How to Find The Best Dropshipping Products?

To perform the eBay market research and try to locate top dropshipping products I used the eBay analytics tool Zik Analytics. I think it’s the industry standard software to use if you want to perform research based on eBay analytics. That’s also why I chose to dedicate an entire chapter about product research in the eBay dropshipping course I launched on Entrepreneurzone, a fixed-price online business education platform.

How To Find Products For Drop shipping Using Zik Analytics and DSM Tool

Trending Dropshipping Products

The list of products below comes from different categories and niches. Some of them are evergreen products, these are being sold all year long and in traditional eCommerce have a slightly lower profit margin. Others are seasonal, so they are either literally season-related (for example pool inflatables during the summer) or current-trend-related (for example there are many products recommended for dropshipping during the coronavirus crisis).

Find Trending Niche Ideas

If you are looking for more niche ideas for the product research I recommend you to use one of the following techniques:

  • Look in Ali Express and other websites what is currently promoted in the homepage
  • Use Google Trends to analyze ideas that comes to your mind
  • Use eBay Explore to get ideas of eBay related trends
  • Look out for product placements when you watch TV
  • Look for trends in magazines like Trend Hunter

Dropship Sports Accessories Such As Biking Equipment

Can you guess how profitable this product if you are dropshipping it from Ali Express?

About The Product

When you ride a bicycle in an urban environment you do not need any special equipment, outdoor sportive cycling required the usage of gloves. These gloves are therefore sold under the sporting goods category on eBay and fall under the cycling equipment niche of dropshipping.

How Well Does It Sell on eBay

I found this seller that already sold this product more than 30 times including 20+ times during June-July 2020. Check his feedback score, 146 feedback only, that’s clearly a dropshipping beginner that has been doing some awesome product research work.

How Much Profit Can You Make Dropshipping Cycling Gear

This dropshipping supplier on Ali Express seems to be a reliable dropshipping supplier that is offering free ePacket shipping and prices that vary from $7.99 to $14.50 which means the profit margin for this product is about 20%.


If I would be that seller on eBay and I would be sourcing from this supplier, first I’d offer more of the available variations in my dropshipping store, this way I could appear in search results of people who are filtering by lower prices and just generally offer a better product. Having that said, with this little feedback count I predict he builds a successful dropship business.

Dropship Fishing Equipment Like This Fishing Storage Box

The fishing equipment category on eBay offers many interesting opportunities of products for dropshipping

About This Product

This is a box that is being used by fishermen to store their bait, it’s being sold on eBay under the Sporting Goods category and it belongs to the niche of fishing equipment.

How Well Does It Sell on eBay

I found this seller that sold it 40+ times in total out of which 20+ times during June and July

When you click on the number of times a product was sold on eBay open up it’s sales history

How Much Profit Can You Make Dropshipping Fishing Equipment

I found this dropshipping supplier on Ali Express selling it for $2.38 plus $2.45 for shipping, which results in a 51% profit margin which is $7.61. But because the cheaper shipping method is slower and doesn’t offer tracking numbers I recommend using ePacket which costs $4.03, that would result in a 40% profit margin which is $6.03 per sale.


This is an example of a product at a great price, selling a lot at the moment and providing a nice profit margin – definitely a winner in my perspective, something every eCommerce business wishes to have in store and sell online.

Dropship Phone Accessories Like This Outlet Holder

What’s great about dropshipping this product is that it can get sold in multiple units

About This Product

This is a wall mounted phone holder that you can apply to an electric socket, it is being sold on eBay under the Home Improvement category, but you can try to sell it under other categories as well, it can belong either to the phone accessories or home improvement niches.

How Well Does It Sell on eBay

I found this seller that only sold 7 units in total when I fond the listing, but all of those sales happened within a few weeks. But the best part is that he only made 2 transactions, once he sold 4 units and once 3 units. Think how awesome it is to find products that can sell multiple units in one sale, that’s a far higher profit margin per-sale!

How Much Profit Can You Make Dropshipping Home Improvement Products

This is a multi-variations product, so the profit margin depends on the variation of it. I found this dropshipping supplier on Ali Express which offers that exact same products with free shipping

  • The socket-only variation results in 49% profit margin which is $4.79
  • The two-sockets-only variation results in 49% profit margin which is $6.12
  • The socket-with-usb variation results in 50% profit margin which is $8.96


Multi-variations products offer the opportunity to sell online more than one product variation sold in one listing, moreover, products that can be sold in multiple units in one sale are always something that is interesting to offer. It is important though to ensure a high-quality product and supplier because the more units you sell the more that could be returned.

Last, this product is interesting because when dropshipping products we tend to stick to trends, one of the trends, since covid-19 started, is home improvement, people are home – they have time to renovate it.

Dropship Beauty Products Like Eye Leash Extensions

The beauty industry is one of the most popular niches for dropshipping

About This Product

Eyelash extensions are a popular product that one of the advantages of selling it is that as you can see from the picture it’s being easily sold in lots, this is what is so-called an evergreen product, these are products that are sold all year long.

How Well Does It Sell on eBay

Check this out, I found this seller who sold it no less than 801 times including 45 times in the past month, many of this sellers sales were 3-4 units at once and some were even 10 units in once time!

How Much Profit Can You Make Dropshipping Beauty Products

If you go into the listing of this seller you will see that it has some complicated variations, let me tell you ahead that as a beginner I would not even look into selling this product until you’ve made enough sales on eBay and dealt with cases like return requests and cancellations so that you feel comfortable dealing with more complex products.

I am going to complex things a bit more here because I couldn’t find a 6-lot supplier of this product on Ali Express that offers a competitive price. But what I did find was this dropshipping supplier that offers a single product for $2.39 so a 6 lot would cost you 14.34 thats 24% profit margin which is $5.71 profit per sale.


These kinds of evergreen products that have so much demand (800+ sales) are great products for you to try to sell online if you can catch a few products like this one they might keep selling in your store for months. As dropshippers, we tend to replace the products in our store far more often than sellers that own inventory, having a few best-sellers that continuously sell makes your ecommerce business more stable.

Dropship This Hot Selling Home Cleaning Brush

Sometimes the most simple products are the ones worth dropshipping the most

About This Product

This “Microfiber Duster House Extendable Handle Swiffer” is, as seen in the picture, a product that is being used for cleaning dust at home. It is usually sold under the Home & Garden category on eBay and it’s dropshipping niche can be called “household essentials”

How Well Does It Sell on eBay

I found that this seller sold it 66 times in total and 7 times in the last 30 days and it’s priced at $5.99

How Much Profit Can You Make Dropshipping Home Improvement Products

You can source it from this dropshipping supplier on Ali Express for $2.46 which will result in a 40% profit margin of $2.36. Having said that, we recommend to source it using the shipping method YW-Special Line which will cost another $2.41, it will result in a 0% profit margin but since it’s a faster shipping method you could either increase your price or charge a shipping fee of let’s say $0.97 that will effectively be your profit margin

When sourcing products for dropshipping from China always make sure to choose shipping methods that offers a tracking number


Out of all of the products I found, this was the least interesting one because I can’t even source it with fast shipping for the price of my potential competitor. Having said that, the tactic of having 0-profit products in your store only to generate more eBay feedback is a popular tactic. Moreover, dropshippers believe that once a product is sold in your store – your entire store starts getting more traffic, so this might be still a good option of a product to add to your online store 

Questions You Might Have About Dropshipping Products

I hope the list above inspired you with ideas what to sell, the DSM Tool team and I update the list regularly. We do that because our true goal is not only to give you ideas what to sell but also to inspire you to perform further research. This is an never-ending process of finding new trends or competitors and sourcing relevant products. I also wanted to refer to some common questions I see in different online drop shipping communities.

What Should I Not Sell at Dropshipping

When dropshipping on eBay there are products you should avoid selling completely:

  • Products that are in the eBay prohibited and restricted list
  • Products that violate the eBay Vero policy
  • Duplication of the same products you sell (eBay listing duplicates)
  • Fake products
  • Products that promise medical benefits
  • Since the Covid-19 outbreak, N95 face masks are prohibited

But there are also products that are not completely prohibited, but generally speaking drop shipping beginners tend to avoid selling

  • Branded products
  • Products with high chance of malfunction (such as unbranded phones from China)
  • Products with high return rates from unreliable suppliers (such as fashion items from China)

Is dropshipping still profitable 2020

Yes, the reason dropshipping keeps on being profitable lays in the fact that when you dropship products you don’t hold them in stock. This means that theoretically and practically within a day you can change your entire inventory and sell in your online store the most up-to-date products.

The downside is that you buy products in a higher price in comparison to those who purchase a bulk of inventory. It requires you to continuously hunt for reliable dropshipping suppliers (some people even use an online retailer as a supplier)and that you mostly rely on eBay SEO, you learn all about it when you start looking for information about how to start dropshipping.

Stay Connected With The Dropshipping Community

If you have any questions or you wish to bring up more topics you think we should cover post about it in the Facebook dropshipping community. And of course, don’t forget to add the products to your store using the best practices for eBay dropshipping and to always provide high-quality customer service. I hope you get to build a successful dropship business, it is one of the easiest forms of eCommerce business to build, good luck!


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