PrivacySwap Launches Hack the Vault Game: A Race Against Time, Keys, and Other Players

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[PRESS RELEASE – 6th August 2021]

PrivacySwap will officially release “Hack the Vault” on 13th August at 9 PM (GMT+8). This is their first game offering on the platform that’s sure to bring enjoyment and lots of earnings to the participants.

A bonus of 500 PRV will be preloaded to the prize pot to kick off the launch

As PrivacySwap continuously innovates the DeFi space and with more diverse users coming in, creating an interactive game became a logical part of the roadmap. That game is called “Hack the Vault,” and participants will be in a race against time, keys, and other players.
The storyline: behold a valuable vault

A biometric system guards a valuable vault with a flaw and a regular lock and key system. The biometric system is a piece of cake for hackers. The missing component, however, is the key, which can be purchased on the dark web.

To spice things up, the key is drawn at random from a stockpile of keys, which means you may need to purchase more than one key. Of course, other hackers are aware of this weak vault, so it’s a race against time to find the correct key and successfully hack the vaults in order to claim the riches contained within!

Your mission: be one of the last 3 players with the correct key

The goal of Hack the Vault is to be one of the last three players to buy the correct vault key before the timer runs out. Each round can begin only when there are at least 10 PRV in the prize pot. Each key will cost you one PRV. During the round, you may purchase as many keys as you want, as long as they are not done concurrently. This means you can only buy the next key after another player has purchased one.

Each key you buy will add a minimum of 50 seconds and a maximum of 200 seconds to the timer. Every time a key is purchased by ANYONE, the smart contract generates a random extension.

Breakdown of the prize pot

Furthermore, the last three purchasers will gain the prize vault and are divided as follows:

⦁ 40% of the prize pot will go to the last person who purchased the key.
⦁ 15% goes to the second to the last person who bought the key.
⦁ 5% will go to the 3rd to the last person who bought.
⦁ 25% of the prize pot goes to the following prize pot.
⦁ 10% of the prize pot is sent to burn.
⦁ 5% of the prize pot is sent to the developer.

Take note that each winner will receive 30% of their earnings immediately after the round concludes. The remaining 70% will be available for claim via the game page for seven days at a rate of 10% per day. This feature is designed to safeguard PRV users from huge dumps following each round of Hack the Vault.

To add to the excitement, the first prize pot on 13th August will include a bonus 500 PRV contributed by the PrivacySwap team!

PrivacyGames are only a portion of the roadmap

PrivacySwap’s continuous innovation and dedication to become one of the leading DeFi platforms is not hampered by the rise and dip of its token price. It may have changed the roadmap timeline, but the team has been persistent in showing how users can earn more with the DeFi Space other than the pump and dump scenario.

Through this perspective of longevity, users find the ecosystem much more engaging, bringing more excitement and more earnings to investors.

The valuable vault awaits you at Hack the Vault!


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