plentymarkets first to announce Amazon Sweden support

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plentymarkets first to announce Amazon Sweden support

Swedish customers on have in the past been redirected to Amazon Germany but now Amazon have announced that Amazon Sweden is becoming its own marketplace. Naturally merchants will be looking for multichannel management solutions and plentymarkets are first out of the gate to announce Amazon Sweden support.

The Swedish marketplace isn’t even live yet, but we are expecting it to fully launch at some point this month. As soon as the marketplace is live, plentymarkets is already prepared to enable you to offer your products to increase your international reach. It’s a breeze, since you don’t need a new Amazon account – plentymarkets have told us that you can easily use your European seller account to list your products on, as well as on,,,, and

It’s confirmed that the currency for Amazon Sweden will be the Swedish Krona (1 SEK = ~£0.09) and that’s not just for selling – expect your Amazon fees to also be billed in Krona. Amazon may potentially provide currency conversion services into the main seller currency for your account but this is yet to be confirmed.

We also know that naturally the language used for Amazon Sweden will be Swedish.

If you’re about to jump in as your multichannel provider announces Amazon Sweden support, bear in mind changes coming on the 1st of January 2021. Amazon will treat UK FBA separately from the rest of Europe for EFN and Pan-EU FBA and so you’ll need to have stock in at least one EU warehouse as well as the UK. If you’re going to do the work of preparing to sell in Sweden make sure that you have Amazon Sweden support in place for logistics as well as multichannel management.

Amazon have already announced a free shipping promotion from the UK to German, Polish and Czech FBA warehouses, perhaps a signal that they want you to start getting experience of using EU FBA and shipping in bulk to the continent. However from the 1st of January 2021 you’ll also need to compete customer declarations and ensure you are VAT registered in the appropriate countries.

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