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No KYC Leverage Crypto Trading without Risk of Wick Liquidation

For any crypto trader, margin trading is a double-edged sword: although it can amplify your profits significantly, it can also do the same to any losses you may have. Although a cautious approach is warranted, many traders who would otherwise be interested in trying this type of trading are discouraged. As it is, with the added volatility of the cryptocurrency market and potential foul play, adding margin trading to the mix can lead to losses that go far beyond what investors can take. However, this is not always the case.

Margex MP Shield Protection

Margex is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that offers up to 100x leverage. What makes it different from other such platforms, however, is their proprietary MP Shield System that works as a protection against price manipulations.

On this exchange, the price of an asset depends on the combined liquidity of at least 12 different providers. This means that an error within the provided data from a single provider cannot cause issues on Margex’s end. Further, the number of tradable assets on Margex is very limited; while this may seem like a drawback, it is actually a way to evade illiquid assets that may be part of a pump and dump scheme.

As an added security measure, an AI-based algorithm developed by the team monitors the consistency of all price feeds from each provider—which helps recognize if a provider, for any reason, starts sending inconsistent data. The same watchful eye is turned onto traders on the platform as well: all suspicious trading activities are consistently monitored.
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Available Assets

Currently Margex offers the most liquid cryptocurrency trading pairs:
Note: To begin trading with a desired asset, simply click it on the Trade page of your account:

All of these help address some of the most common margin trading issues. While the practice is still highly risky and requires significant beforehand knowledge—as well as the readiness to potentially lose all you have invested and more—Margex brings a little more security and transparency into the highly volatile cryptocurrency margin trading world.

Other Notable Features

While the price protection technology is a major part of the exchange, it is far from the only feature they have. Starting from even the basics, the Margex interface is very easy to use and friendly towards traders of all skill levels. A big part of this is the fact that all the important features are prominently displayed and labeled in obvious ways in order to evade any confusion. This has been widely recognized by those interested in cryptocurrency leverage trading: the platform has been hailed as the easiest to use crypto margin trading exchange currently in the market.

There are several other reasons for this, aside from the interface: the platform offers relatively low fees and is privacy-friendly, meaning that all you need to start trading is a valid email address and a funded account. Its leverage that goes up to 100x allows for significant versatility.

Perhaps most importantly, the team listens to their users and takes their needs and feedback into account. They have been quick to add new features that were requested by the community. This is a modus operandi that they intend to keep: if you’re an active Margex user and see room for improvement, be sure to reach out to them and let them know.

With all these features combined, along with their consistent effort to put their users’ needs first, Margex is one of the best crypto derivatives trading platforms available in the market.

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How to Get a USD 150 Bonus at Margex

So you’re ready to give Margex a shot, but you would appreciate an extra incentive to do so. Or maybe you’d already decided, even without the bonus, but would not refuse more funds to trade with. Not to worry—the steps are extremely simple. This is what you need to do:

Is Margex Safe to Trade Crypto?
Despite being a new platform, Margex takes the safety and the security of its clients very seriously. The company boasts of having some of the most sophisticated security features in place protecting clients’ information, funds, and trading activities.

Some security features implemented by the Margex crypto leverage trading platform are:

The Use of Cold Wallet Storage:
Margex keeps the bulk of its client funds offline in secured multi-signature cold storage. This protects your funds from theft and hacks, giving you that extra layer of security.

Blockchain Technology For Its Trading Plartform:
The implementation of some of the latest cutting-edge blockchain technology ensures that the Margex trading platform is fast, reliable, and secured from every form of online attacks especially DDOS attacks.

User Accounts Security:
Margex implements a lot of security features for its trading accounts. These features include 2FA authentication, Email confirmations for all withdrawals, 24/7 customer support, SSL security protocol, and data encryption.

Price Manipulation and Fraud Prevention:
Price squeeze, low liquidity, platform lagging, or order execution error really occurs on the Margex trading platform. This ensures that the customer’s interests are always put at the forefront. No manipulation wick liquidations !

Why Choose Margex?
Margex is the go-to cryptocurrency trading platform for thousands of traders who prefer having full control over their trades as well as transparency and security. In this Margex review, we talk about the key features that make Margex stand out.

Beginner Friendly
The Margex website and trading platform were created to be user-friendly. As a beginner, you will find a lot of helpful articles, videos, trading lessons, and price analyses that can help you take that next step into profitable trading. This makes this platform one of the best options for beginners still trying to find their way around the crypto market.

Deep Liquidity
The liquidity pooling system Margex implements are the first of its kind in the crypto industry. This pooling system combines 12+ multiple liquidity providers into a single, deep order book. This ensures all your entry and exit prices are the best with the thinnest spreads available on the market.

Competitive Trading Fees
Margex offers users competitive trading fees which are much smaller than other popular trading platforms like Bybit. Currently, Margex charges a 0.019% Maker Fee and a 0.060% Taker Fee for trading Bitcoin while Bybit charges 0.025% Maker Fee and a 0.075% Taker fee for trading Bitcoin.

Generous 40% affiliate program
Margex offers users one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. With a 40% cut of all trade fees paid by your referrals, you can easily build a referral network and making money from it.

Better than the competition
Margex is a really great alternative to some of the major crypto exchanges like Bybit and Phemex. When it comes to trading capacity Margex can handle 100,000 transactions per second. This is the same for Bybit and Phemex.

No KYC – No Personal Information
No Know-Your-Customer procedures. Not only are these procedures tedious, but they are also very invasive. Margex does not require you to disclose your personal information when creating an account—providing an email address and depositing to the platform is enough.

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