New image guidelines for clothing on Amazon

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Amazon have issued new image guidelines for clothing which you probably should review to ensure that you’re not falling foul of a directive which can lead to your products be suppressed in search.

The Amazon image guidelines form part of their Style Guide and as this was updated in January, if you’ve not looked at it lately then you should probably cast your eye over that too. It’s all pretty comprehensive with the style guide running to 10 pages whilst the image guidelines for clothing are a massive 41 pages long.

You might think it’s pretty self explanatory, but the devil is in the detail. For example, did you know that for a Full Length image (e.g. for a suit or dress), the top of the image must be cropped between nose and upper lip, avoid showing nostrils or cropping into upper lip whilst the bottom of image must be cropped below the feet. Yes it is that specific.

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“Please take a moment to review the latest iteration of image guidelines for apparel products. Adherence to these requirements will help to optimise your images to be most relevant and engaging for customers, hence support your sales. Please note that failure to meet our guidelines may result in your ASINs being de-prioritised in, or suppressed from search. We ask you to present your products on a model (exceptions apply for certain product categories) with preferable variation of different diversity attributes such as age, skin tone, or body size. Please also make sure to provide the right amount of image variants including close-ups so that customers are well equipped to make their purchase decision easily.”
– Amazon

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