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If you are brand and selling on Amazon, or have retailers selling your products on the Amazon marketplace, then you should be using Amazon Brand Analytics, so watch the two minute Brand Analytics video below to get started

With Amazon Brand Analytics, you can monitor your brand performance and get customer insights with reports on search terms, repeat purchase behaviour, market basket analysis, item comparison, alternate purchase behaviour and demographics. These different metrics should give you insights into when and why you’re winning sales (or perhaps more importantly not winning sales), when you should be bundling or cross selling different product sets and analysis of what makes a consumer choose a competitors’ product rather than one of yours.

There is a great introductory Brand Analytics video well worth two minutes of your time. It walks through:

  1. Amazon Search Terms Report
  2. Repeat Purchase Report
  3. Market Basket Analysis Report
  4. Item Comparison Report
  5. Alternate Purchase Report
  6. And for those on, Demographics Report

Once you understand how the Amazon Brand Analytics reports can assist your business, you can spend time strategically marketing the products you know will sell, assess the products which aren’t flying off the shelves as fast as they should and increase sales with little other than ensuring the right buyer sees your product at the right time when they’re ready to purchase.

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