Kellogg’s in $5 Million Lawsuit for Not Putting Enough Strawberries in Its Pop-Tarts

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Strawberry Pop-Tarts are ubiquitous grocery-aisle treats, but one lawsuit is claiming the product doesn’t feature enough real fruit in its filling.

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In August, Illinois resident Anita Harris filed a class-action complaint against Kellogg Sales Company for giving consumers the impression that Pop-Tarts’ strawberry variety contains “a relatively significant amount of nonstrawberry fruit ingredients — pears and apples — shown on the ingredient list.” Because of this, the complaints claims strawberry Pop-Tarts “cannot provide a true strawberry taste.”

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Harris’ objections went on to assert that comparable toaster pastries available at Walmart and Dollar Tree alert customers of their true nature by having “Naturally & Artificially Flavored” written on the box, whereas Pop-Tarts does not. 

The complaint also emphasized Pop-Tarts’ use of potentially harmful ingredients such as Red 40, a synthetic food coloring made from petroleum.

The Kellogg Company has been under significant scrutiny lately, even beyond product concerns. Earlier this month, some of its factory employees went on strike over unfair contracts.

We will keep you posted as any further developments, er, pop up.

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