Jobchain Seeks to Improve Global Employment Through Cryptocurrency “JOB”

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Industries around the world are improving their modes of production to meet the increasing demand. A growing number of employers have started to introduce cryptocurrency as a method of payment or remuneration for employees. With these advancements sweeping itself across various lucrative industries, the founder of Jobchain®, Jose Bay has shared support in the standardization of crypto as a means to pay employees. The use of digital currencies and online platforms such as Jobchain® could make for the equalization of employment opportunities for thousands of people in remote areas across the globe. 

What is Jobchain, and where did it start?

Founder and CEO, Jose Bay spent years traveling abroad as an International Atomic Energy Agency Officer and soon saw a new life in the use of cryptocurrency. The platform has led to the revolutionization of a digital era since its founding in 2019. The platform has already received multiple awards and international recognition as one of the best blockchain corporations in the world. Jobchain has become one of the very first platforms in the world that allows any person, from anywhere in the world to find JOBs

The use of these platforms will allow job seekers to:

  • Have more freedom and security over monthly transactions, away from a centralized entity i.e., bank;
  • Allows for equal opportunities for around 1.7 billion people in the world without access to bank accounts and social security; 
  • Eliminating and decentralizing employers and employees from third-party banks and financial entities to improve efficiency and lower transaction costs. 

Jobchain is a forward-thinking method that allows millions of people an opportunity to become active users of cryptocurrency. Moreover, the launch of its own native cryptocurrency, JOB, has given more traction to the standardization of crypto in the workplace and offers employers a viable financial solution that will only see more growth in the coming years. 

Why use JOB instead of traditional cash?

The integration between Jobchain and its currency JOB has allowed for the streamlining of paying employees each month. JOB is a trusted crypto which had a massive increase in value throughout 2020. More so, Jobchain and JOBs have mitigated the damage caused by national governments and centralized banks, allowing them to still grow in value, without having to face the risk of theft, decreasing value, and can be used anywhere in the world. 

JOB coins are now a suitable solution for many people, offering immediate payments into a Jobchain® Wallet, or even onto a physical hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano x. The growth that Jobchain and JOB have undergone has seen the introduction of alternative payment methods such as Bitsa, Bitnovo, or a prepaid Visa Card. 

There are no real limitations as to what you can and cannot do with your JOB currency. While thousands of stores and retailers around the world are quickly looking for new ways to incorporate the use of crypto, JOB coins can easily be exchanged at cryptocurrency ATMs. 

JOB has allowed for the use and introduction of:

  • A multilayered security and efficiency feature to cryptocurrency;
  • Offer multiple transaction methods without dependency on third party entities;
  • Given way to the introduction of receiving crypto as your monthly salary; 
  • Blockchain systems work 24/7, giving employers and employees faster access to their payments;
  • Nearly unlimited transaction methods across the world;
  • Eliminating the registering of bank accounts and social security.

Why this is an important moment for crypto in the job market

Institutional investors like Tesla and others have moved early on crypto. Employees have been left behind. Jobchain is really the first movement to adress this issue. Its team have spent years to bring forth a solution that can be used by any person, from anywhere in the world. The company mentions that the use of blockchain gives those in the workplace a platform on which they can conduct thousands of transactions, digitally and effectively. 

Following the trend of coins and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, these currencies have become extremely reliable and even more so, valuable. The use of traditional money has become too unstable, as national and international relations and trade deals can influence its overall value. 

Jobchain offers a digital solution that has recorded multiple transactions via its blockchain. The platform gives a more streamlined approach to both the employer and employee. Solutions like these give industries a better way to understand how the modern workforce is rapidly changing. The Jobchain platform set-up is also quite easy, simply add your personal details, educational history, and work experience within your Wallet Application. 

Jobseekers will be able to review thousands of job profiles, filtering searches through availability, location, salary, and score. Employers will now also have more access to suitable candidates, viewing their profile, and conducting interviews with potential employees. The use of Jobchain makes it a lot easier to locate and pay employees, allowing employers to create equal employment opportunities. 

How do I pay using JOB Coins?

As previously mentioned, JOB coins can be shared and transacted via multiple platforms. Understandably, new users of cryptocurrency would feel confused on how to pay using crypto, but Jobchain and JOB coins make it a lot easier.

Using either your Jobchain Wallet or a different crypto wallet, you can look at various merchants in your area, or online that accept cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment. Using the merchant’s cryptocurrency address, you can enter these details into the space provided in your wallet. Enter the amount you wish to use, or transact, and hit “send.” Additionally, you can also make use of a Bitsa or Bitnovo card. 

The team at Jobchain® is positive that upcoming employers would advocate for the use of cryptocurrency as a method of the monthly payment. Jobchain’s native crypto JOB has undergone some massive improvements in recent months, and in 2020 it was one of few cryptos that increased most in value throughout the course of the pandemic. These practices can allow millions of employees an equal opportunity to seek work, receive secure payment, and understand the value cryptocurrency has in an emerging economy. 


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