Global Amazon Store sales of your FBA products

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Amazon have reminded sellers of the Global Amazon Store where they may decide to purchase your products and sell them in countries you don’t currently sell to. This will only take place where you are VAT registered AND have products offered in FBA.

It doesn’t cost anything to participate in the Global Amazon Store and for many this could be a relief as Amazon may decide to sell your products to the EU – something that’s becoming increasingly difficult since it relies on you self shipping goods to an EU FBA facility.

The great news with the Global Amazon Store is that there is literally nothing for you to do, you get the sale as if it was a UK sale to Amazon and Amazon will self invoice and issue a VAT invoice to you for the sale.

“To help you increase your sales globally, Amazon may purchase your FBA products at your offer price and sell them on other global Amazon stores, including the UK, EU and other countries.

There are no additional fees to participate and you can opt out of the programme at any time.”
– Amazon

How Global Amazon Store sales work

  • Amazon may list, translate and price your products on other global Amazon stores, including the UK, EU and other countries where you do not already have an offer for the product.
  • When a customer in the global Amazon store buys the offer, Amazon instantly purchases the product from you locally and arranges cross-border delivery to the customer. Amazon will only sell products from European countries where you have provided a value-added tax (VAT) number in Seller Central.
  • You will be paid the set product price and the customer will receive the product as if they had ordered it locally.
  • If the customer returns your product, Amazon will add it back to your inventory. You can file removal orders for these returns as you would for a domestic return.
  • If Amazon sells your products, they will issue self-billed invoices (and credit notes for returns) on your behalf. You are responsible for keeping a record of these VAT invoices as you would be for any other invoice that you issue.

You can find more information here, including how to opt out, but our advice would be to take the sales as it’s no real difference to a UK consumer purchasing from you – it’s additional sales at your current prices and margins from overseas customers with no downside.

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