Get a £10 Prime Day Voucher when you spend £10 with a small business

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From today until the 20th of June, Amazon UK are offering customers the opportunity to earn a credit to spend on Prime Day 2021. Spend £10 with a small business on Amazon and you’re automatically get free £10 Prime Day Voucher to spend on Amazon.

Amazon say that investing in the success of small business is a fundamental part of their work and that they know that customers share their commitment to supporting small businesses in their communities. So, if your products are included in the promotion, you should receive an email today with a link to view your promotion-eligible products.

Don’t worry that you might be losing money. This £10 Prime Day Voucher promotion is entirely funded by Amazon so all you need to do is take your pre-prime day sales and ship them and you’ll get paid as normal. When your customer spends £10 with you Amazon will find £10 free for them to spend on Prime Day on anything they want to purchase… hopefully either with you again or with another small business.

What can you spend £10 on to qualify for a £10 voucher? Literally anything from the Amazon Small Business Store Fronts.

Small businesses eligible for this Amazon UK promotion are UK based and are registered with Brand Registry or participate in the Handmade programme. The specific products featured in the promotion are from small business brands and artisans based in UK. The specific products featured in the promotion are owned and sold directly by the small business seller.

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