Do You Have a Toxic Boss? Here’s How to Tell.

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There are seven types of toxic bosses, and it’s important to learn how to deal with each of them.

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The past year has tested leaders in ways they’ve never experienced before, and there’s no sign that’s going to change any time soon. Your boss might’ve handled the with grace, making flexible to accommodate family responsibilities, scheduling weekly check-ins and making sure you’re staying afloat. Or, they might’ve done the opposite. 

An estimated three-fourths of American workers say their boss is their primary source of work stress, pandemic or no pandemic. But, how can you tell if your boss is actually toxic and taking a serious toll on your mental and ?

Harvard’s Barbara Kellerman breaks down the seven types of toxic bosses in her book, Bad Leadership:

  • The Incompetent Boss is unable or unwilling to do their job well.
  • The Rigid Boss confuses inflexibility with strength.
  • The Intemperate Boss lacks self-knowledge and .
  • The Callous Boss lacks and kindness.
  • The Corrupt Boss steals or cheats to promote their own interests.
  • The Insular Boss is cliquish or unreachable.
  • The Evil Boss causes pain to further their sense of power and dominance.

Resume.io took Kellerman’s and turned it into an infographic with research-backed ways for dealing with each of these toxic bosses. Read on for advice on how to handle your particular situation. 



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