Bridging CeFi and DeFi: Liquidity-as-a-Service Coming to Orbs Blockchain

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Attempting to improve access to DeFi interest-bearing accounts, including for individuals, businesses, professional investors, and corporations, Orbs is introducing Liquidity Nexus to act as a bridge between centralized and decentralized finance.

This Liquidity-as-a-Service solution looks to make DeFi applications more available and less risky.

Liquidity Nexus will provide an intuitive platform that’s simple to operate as any traditional website. The DeFi ecosystem shows massive potential and continues to expand as more value is injected, but is inherently limited due to the high barrier to entry. This leaves a class of larger, more risk-averse professional investors on the sidelines, something that Orbs looks to address.

Decentralized Infrastructure With Centralized Access

Through the utilization of Liquidity Nexus, any investor can deposit stable assets to the platform to earn yield. Once the funds are transferred, they will be deployed to yield generating applications on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, boosting the APY of the depositor.

Unlike traditional investment or savings platforms that usually require a waiting period before funds become accessible, investors can withdraw their funds and interest at any time.


Additionally, other projects will also be able to integrate the smart contracts of Liquidity Nexus, essentially turning it into a Liquidity-as-a-Service protocol.

Further Considerations

The protocol also looks to cater to traditional investors through increased yields and lower barriers to entry. It supposedly increases the upside of the investment while decreasing the risk and eliminating the exposure to highly volatile assets that usually keep many people from interacting with DeFi applications.

The risks associated with swinging prices include slippage, as well as impermanent loss (IL). As CryptoPotato reported, IL is one of the most substantial downsides when it comes to providing liquidity to DeFi-based protocols to earn yield and the greater the volatility is, the more severe the loss can be.

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