Bitcoin Exploding Above $10K: At this point For The Real Crucial Check (BTC Price Analysis)

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What a weekend break it was for Bitcoin. The main cryptocurrency had breached towards the 5-digit territory and came to the conclusion over $1000 addition to the value just in the past 7 days.

In our newest Bitcoin analysis from 2 days ago, we stated that will:

“In case of a breakout – we are likely to witness Bitcoin retesting $9800 and possibly 10 dollars, 000 in the next few days (if not later this weekend). ”

Bitcoin didn’t wait plus done all of that, and even more, throughout the weekend itself.

As of writing these outlines, Bitcoin is trading securely around $10, 300 within anticipation to face it’s true major test very soon.

The 2020 BTC High – Soon In order to?

During mid-February, when the COVID19 pandemic has been only limited to China plus some parts of Asia, and the worldwide markets broke records, Bitcoin recorded its highest cost year to date.

Now, Bitcoin is getting extremely close to this Golden quantity of $10, 500. This will be the particular nearest significant test intended for Bitcoin.

Taking a look at the following daily chart, the final time Bitcoin aimed in order to above that level had been at the beginning of June – the tryout that ended simply by a massive get rid of to $8600 (on BitMEX) just when needed after.

Nowadays, it seems to be a different tale. In my opinion, even though a modification is needed following this greenish 7 days, the chances that Bitcoin acquired said goodbye to 4-digits prices are very high. This particular comes after consolidating around $9200 for over a month.

Once again, it was proved that whenever crypto twitter is bearish, the chances are with the bulls. This is the reason why the vast majority is almost consistently wrong.

Bitcoin’s Support and Resistance To Watch

As of now, the particular RSI is overextended, plus Bitcoin hadn’t seen a substantial price correction over the past 7 days following over 10% increases to its value.

In my opinion, it will be much healthier to see Bitcoin retesting the particular $10K from above, confirming this as strong support prior to the spike continues. But this really is crypto, and things occur fast (and maybe parabolic).

The closest support now lies on the current price of around 10 dollars, 200, followed by $10, 1000. Further below lies $9800, and the breakout zone close to $9680.

Previously mentioned, it gets more fascinating. As mentioned, the major area of opposition is the 2020 high close to $10, 500. A large – and we will probably see a huge missile launch.

The next resistance previously mentioned lies at $10, seven hundred – $10, 800 then $11, 000 and $11, 200.

Since Bitcoin didn’t visit these areas for over a year at this point, we can expect things to occur a lot quicker now (but hey there, there is still the 2020 high, remember? )

On the downside, inspite of the trading volume is gradually increasing, the massive quantity levels that took place throughout May (surrounding the halving) are not here yet.

Total Market Cover: $307 billion

Bitcoin Market Cap: $188 billion

BTC Dominance Index: 61. 4%

*Data by CoinGecko

BTC/USD BitStamp 4-Hour Chart


BTC/USD BitStamp 1-Day Graph


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