Amazon Manufacturer Part Number: What Is It For?

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Amazon uses the manufacturer part number (MPN) as one way to uniquely identify specific products. Aside from MPN, Amazon also uses other unique identifiers such as  UPC, EAN, and GTIN. Let’s have an overview of what this MPN is all about and its significant uses.

What Is a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)?

A Manufacturer Part Number or MPN is a unique code issued by the manufacturer to identify individual parts or products. It normally comes in a series of numbers and letters. MPN helps distinguish it from its counterfeit parts. This also assures the buyer that the parts or products they are buying are legitimate and 100% genuine.

Amazon provides an optional field for the MPN in the listing inventory as does not apply to all merchandise. It is often used for automotive/Powersports and consumer electronics

Some sellers use other product codes applicable for certain products. For instance, a jacket has an SKU instead of an MPN, and a book has an ISBN. Some also use a UPC as a product identifier. You may get confused hearing these terms simultaneously, so let us tackle the differences for your reference.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) – is a series of numbers used in tracking inventory or stocks.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) – A product code used by publishers, booksellers for stock control purposes.

UPC (Universal Product Code) – this is a common barcode seen on physical products that is used for tracking retail items.

How the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) can Dramatically Improve Your Amazon Sales

This unique identifier is also used in Amazon’s internal and external searches, so it is highly encouraged to provide an MPN for greater product visibility. Aside from this, having the manufacturer’s part number will help the buyer get the right item and may help increase conversions.

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In today’s digital world, shopping has never been so easy, and the internet made this all possible. Connecting to your buyers and suppliers from all over the world is now within reach. If you are looking for a specific part, you can go straight to the manufacturer and purchase from there. While this may sound good, some manufacturers are often hesitant to sell parts directly to the consumer:

  1. The chances of parts return is high when the wrong part is ordered
  2. Difficulty finding the exact or appropriate part that the buyer needs, resulting in poor user experience
  3. Buyers are afraid to order the wrong part thus, reducing potential conversion to sellers

As a seller, you can use this to your advantage to increase Amazon sales.


If you’re a seller who can provide a Manufacturer Part Number and include these details in your listing, then you’ll have an edge and you will find yourself with a unique and profitable opportunity. If they are looking for a specific MPN and find it, most likely they will buy the part on the spot. A higher chance of conversion is at stake. Also, these buyers are less likely to return unwanted items and are likely to come back in the future.

SEO and Discoverability

Buyers use search engines when looking for a certain part. To increase your discoverability in the digital space, having MPN is of big help. This field is indexed by both Google and Amazon’s A9 search algorithms. If you have it, there is a big chance you will be picked by both search engines and displayed in the results. This increases your chances of being seen by many more customers, and eventually generating more sales.

Fewer Returns

If you are a seller, you must aim for a lower return rate or better yet, no return at all for better ranking and ratings. When you sell the right and exact part or product to a buyer there is no chance of having it returned. You’ll be surprised by the amount of time and effort saved because of fewer returns.

Product Reviews

You will likely get good reviews from your buyer if you meet their expectations such as providing the exact part that they need, its functionality, and all. As sellers, we must be on top of the game and meet customers’ highly specific demands. Buyers will surely be delighted when they find a seller who can deliver. Then, they are more likely to leave positive product reviews.

Repeat Customers

If you can attain the above-mentioned advantages, there is a higher chance of getting repeat customers. They will not look for somebody else online because they already know where to go and get the exact items they want. You can build trust and they will keep coming back to you. This is one beauty of having an MPN on your listing.

Final Thoughts

To cap it off, a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is a unique code used to more easily identify parts. It helps unlock better opportunities for many Amazon sellers to boost their discoverability as well as improve their conversion rates. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer or customer. If you are looking for a specific part with an MPN provided, chances are, you are getting the correct item. Time and effort spent is saved because it eliminates the guesswork that may eventually lead to a poor customer experience.

An MPN can dramatically improve your Amazon sales, so take the chance to go beyond by putting an MPN in the optional field on your listing, and perhaps also in the title or on product photos and see the difference for yourself. 

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