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amazon fba 2023
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Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon, is one of the best services provided by Amazon, where the company picks, packs, ships, and offers customer care services for any seller’s products. The products are generally stored in an Amazon warehouse, and the seller has no role to play in the transportation or maintenance of inventory. Amazon FBA fees range from 45 cents to $1.35 per unit, and $39.99 per month for a Professional account.

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Amazon FBA is a feature available for sellers who want to tie-up with Amazon in order to project, advertise, and sell their products through Amazon’s medium. Sellers can sign up for the FBA feature, and they will start receiving certain features and services. At first, the seller sells the product, which is then shipped by Amazon.

They also store items from the seller in their fulfillment stores or warehouses for easy dispatching and shipping. The inventory received by Amazon can be tracked by the seller to keep a check on their goods. On any order, Amazon directly sends the money to the seller and simultaneously ships the product to the customer.

Benefits of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is used by millions of sellers worldwide due to a variety of benefits, simplicities, and services they provide to the sellers.

  1. Focus and Trust: When you don’t have to worry about the shifting or packaging of products, you can focus on your business and save a lot of time. Amazon offers world-class packaging, shipping, customer services, and returns. Thus, customers trust prime products, and this results in more sales.
  2. Amazon Prime: An average customer spends $700 per year on Amazon, whereas Amazon Prime customers spend $1,300. With fast delivery options and quality guaranteed products, the sales are bound to be high.
  3. COD Features: Cash on delivery (cod) or pay on delivery is a feature that most customers prefer. With this feature, the money is deposited once the customer pays.
  4. Logistics: For a start-up seller, it can be not easy to maintain the proper logistics of your products. However, Amazon excels in e-commerce and has experts running the logistics.

Top Amazon FBA Books to Read in 2023

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has become one of the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to start an online business. With FBA, you can leverage Amazon’s massive infrastructure and distribution network to easily scale your ecommerce operations.

If you’re looking to start selling on Amazon FBA in 2023, reading books from experts is one of the best ways to learn strategies and avoid common mistakes. Below are some of the top FBA books to help launch and grow your Amazon business this year.

The Amazon FBA MasterPlan – Theo McArthur

Written by bestselling author and multimillion dollar Amazon seller Theo McArthur, the Amazon FBA MasterPlan aims to be an A-Z guide for building a profitable FBA business. McArthur provides step-by-step instructions on everything from product research and sourcing to optimization and scaling.

Key topics covered:

  • Finding profitable niches and products
  • Sourcing products locally and from overseas
  • Managing inventory and tracking shipments
  • Optimizing listings for maximum sales
  • Expanding your product portfolio intelligently
  • Automating and outsourcing to grow exponentially

This 2022 edition also contains updated strategies to deal with Amazon’s recent algorithm changes and increased competition. If you want a comprehensive playbook for FBA success, this book by McArthur is highly recommended.

The Amazon Seller – Jordan Malik

Jordan Malik distills his experience building multiple million dollar brands into a tactical blueprint for new Amazon sellers. His book The Amazon Seller simplifies the entire FBA process into three phases:

  1. Product Research
  2. Launch Preparation
  3. Post-Launch Growth

Malik provides specific tools and techniques for each phase, like using the Jungle Scout product database for research and coordinating shipping with a freight forwarder. He also includes useful resources like product listing templates, warehouse checklists, and step-by-step launching instructions.

While best suited for complete beginners, The Amazon Seller has insights even experienced sellers may find useful. Malik’s emphasis on mindset and habit-building sets his book apart.

Amazing Selling Machine – Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is both a book and a comprehensive training program developed by ecommerce experts Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Their step-by-step system for building a brand on Amazon has helped over 25,000 students generate over $2 billion in sales.

The book component in ASM provides the foundation, covering topics like:

  • How to source products profitably
  • Listing optimization and ranking strategies
  • Launching products for maximum sales
  • Expanding your Amazon FBA empire

While the book gives an excellent overview, the ASM training course contains in-depth coaching, access to proprietary software, and a community support network. If your budget allows, it may be worthwhile investing in the full program.

The Amazon Jungle – Rob Riker

In The Amazon Jungle, Rob Riker uses his experience building a 7-figure FBA business to explain key success factors in a step-by-step narrative. The book walks readers through Riker’s own journey from selling his first products to eventually managing a multi-brand portfolio.

Riker structures the book around three fundamental pillars for growth on Amazon:

  1. Capital – Funding your FBA venture the smart way
  2. Assets – Building systems and infrastructure to support scaling
  3. Time – Focusing your efforts on highest value activities

While most FBA books are focused solely on launch strategies, Riker provides a long-term blueprint covering everything from product development to warehouse storage optimization. The book also contains helpful bonus materials like sample sales funnels, product research frameworks, and inventory tracking templates.

Amazon FBA: Complete Guide – James Moore

Amazon FBA: Complete Guide aims to be an exhaustive reference manual documenting every aspect of building an FBA business. Author James Moore leaves no stone unturned, providing granular operational details on product launches, account management, advertising, branding, automation, analytics, and more.

Some key topics covered in-depth include:

  • Registering your seller account and optimizing its settings
  • Setting up shipping plans and transfering inventory into FBA
  • Managing returns, refunds, and reimbursements smoothly
  • Analyzing Amazon reports and sales metrics
  • Crafting winning product listings for higher rankings
  • Handling account suspensions and restrictions properly

For new sellers, sections on registering as an Amazon seller and pre-launch prepwork have immense value. The book also contains helpful checklists and flowcharts for many processes. Seasoned sellers may benefit from sections on scaling through automation and PPC.

Will It Fly? – Pat Flynn

Although not exclusive to Amazon FBA, Pat Flynn’s Will It Fly? provides an excellent framework for zeroing in on promising product ideas that can work on Amazon. Flynn outlines his simple yet effective criteria for filtering and validating potential products before investing significant time or money.

Flynn’s IDEA and CASH models help assess factors like:

  • Interest and audience demand
  • Differentiation from competition
  • Economics and profitability
  • Affordability of customer acquisition
  • Savviness at executing the business
  • Hype and excitement around the niche

By focusing on big-picture factors first, Will It Fly provides a blueprint for coming up with winning products tailored to Amazon’s marketplace. Flynn’s inspiring stories make this book an enjoyable read as well.


Starting a business on Amazon FBA has never been more competitive. By learning from the experience of successful sellers before you, these books can help avoid costly mistakes and fast-track your success.

Whichever books most closely match your experience level and needs, dedicating time to build knowledge before diving in will pay dividends. Combine book learning with continued research and practice, and you’ll be primed to thrive on Amazon.

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