Amazon drive sustainability with electric vehicles

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According to Operations Manager Ben Davies, based in Bristol, electric vehicles are playing a key role in Amazon’s route to zero emissions.

Ben who has a passion for the environment and sustainability is one of the many people driving sustainability forward within the company, supporting the rollout of electric vehicles in Bristol which is part of their last mile electrification programme.

“As an operations team, our core responsibility is to ensure customer parcels arrive on time. When introducing these new electric vehicles, we have to ensure those orders are still arriving exactly as they should,”
– Ben Davies, Operations Manager, Amazon

Last year, Amazon announced it was adding more than 1,800 EV’s from Mercedes-Benz vans to its delivery fleet in Europe. This news came after Mercedes-Benz joined The Climate Pledge. Amazon in the UK received more than 500 electric vehicles from that order, all of which hit the road in 2020.

Sustainability and looking after the environment isn’t just limited to Ben’s work as Operations Manager, he also spends time improving things in his community such as picking litter with friends and family. Ben believes that we all have a responsibility to preserve the unique and diverse experiences of the environment for generations to come.

The EV’s that Ben works closely with are part of our efforts to be net zero carbon by 2040 – a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement’s 2050 target.

Amazon’s commitment to The Climate Pledge includes 100,000 new electric delivery vehicles from US-based car manufacturer Rivian, the largest ever order of electric delivery vehicles. These vans are starting to deliver packages to customers in 2021, and all 100,000 vehicles will be on the road by 2030 — saving millions of metric tons of carbon per year.

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