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Amazon have updated their Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit help page with advice on EORI, UK/EU Inventory balancing, seller fulfilled orders, Brand Registry, EU returns and a ton of other useful information. You’ll want to bookmark this page and check back frequently as it’s being built into the Amazon Brexit Bible.

Amazon Brexit Bible updates

Do I need an EORI number for both the UK and the EU?

The requirement for an Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI) will depend on which party is the exporter of record (EOR) and the importer of record (IOR). If you are sending goods across the customs border after Brexit, both the EOR and the IOR will require an EORI number. If you are clearing customs into or out of any EU member state, you will only need an EU EORI number. If you are clearing customs into or out of the UK, you will only need a UK EORI number.

This means that UK or EU sellers sending shipments to both sides of the border will require both a UK and an EU EORI. One EU EORI number will be sufficient for all EU countries.

If you are fulfilling your own orders and only shipping goods directly to customers on the other side of the border, you may not need an EORI number. Contact your logistics agent or tax advisor for further details.

You can find more information on how to get a UK EORI here. Information on how to request an EORI number for EU countries can be found here.

How much inventory should I send to the UK and the EU?

There are a multitude of factors that may influence the demand for your products and your inventory placement decisions. To mitigate the impact of Brexit, you should consider splitting your inventory and sending some to a fulfilment centre in the UK, and some to a fulfilment centre in the EU, so that you have sufficient stock on either side of the new customs border. Amazon have a Dual Inbounding page to obtain inventory split recommendations for your products between the UK and the EU.

How will Build International Listings work after Brexit?

You can continue to use Build International Listings as normal after Brexit. The functionality of the tool will not change, but you might want to adjust your pricing rules to reflect changes in cost.

NB all list prices must include any customs duties and you must deliver duty paid.

You can make edits to your international pricing via Inventory > Sell Globally > Build International Listings. You can also adjust prices on a SKU-by-SKU basis by using flat files or going to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Edit listings.

Other new Amazon Brexit Bible updates

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  • Will my seller-fulfilled metrics be impacted if there are delays at the border?
  • I no longer want to sell in the EU. How do I disable my seller-fulfilled cross-border sales?
  • How will seller-fulfilled returns work after Brexit?

You can monitor the Amazon Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit help page, Seller News in Seller Central and the Seller App for updates related to your account.

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