5 Sustainable Ways Businesses Should Observe To Reduce Ecological Footprint

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Ways Businesses Should Observe To Reduce Ecological Footprint

Ecological footprint” in simple words is the effect that a company, a person, or an activity has on the environment. For instance, the number of unhealthy gases being produced or the number of natural resources that have been used.

Over the years, climate change has been experienced globally, and one of the most significant contributors is the most prominent establishments. Aside from saving money, observing a greener work ethic could regard your company as eco-friendly and tag you as ecologically responsible. With that, here are few ways to reduce ecological footprint of your company.

Practice The Three ”Rs”

Almost everyone definitely heard about the three “R’s” ie “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle“. It should be observed in every business, from operations, supply chains, packaging, and office supplies. Always observe reducing and reusing as this helps out remove the excess. But if the first two are not applicable, you may opt to the third R.

Environmental footprint goes beyond your business and energy use. Every material you used to run your business has a significant effect on the environment. If you are just at the starting line when it comes to running an eco-friendly establishment, organizations like Environmental Consultants Australia could greatly help.

In case you don’t know, here are a few of the positive benefits of practicing three R’s; lessens the amount of waste being sent to landfills, saves energy, lowers the greenhouse gas emissions, helps maintain the environment, saves money, preserves natural resources and many more.

Educate Your Customers and Staff

It is said that change starts with enough knowledge. Some people would rather not talk about climate change because they find it an overwhelming topic; they are afraid of the thought of it or don’t know enough. But, all of this can be rectified through proper education and casual talks regarding the topic.

Every company can promote discussion with their employees through policies and company practices regarding sustainability. Coming up with plans and letting your customers know about your policies will make them aware of the strategies they can use to take part in it.

On the company owner’s side, it is also best to conduct meetings and seminars for your employees to be fully informed about why you have decided to opt to become an environmentally friendly organization. Through this, they could play their important role in making sure that policies are being strictly followed.

Use Eco-Friendly Appliances And Refrigerants

Both air conditioning units and refrigerators produce greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals that destroy the atmosphere. The CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) are two of the main responsible chemicals for damaging the ozone layer for the past decades.

One of the best innovations that today’s technology has contributed is the release and availability of environmentally friendly appliances and machines. These so-called “smart appliances” could be the best alternative if you want to promote a greener establishment. They do not only offer features that provide convenience to its users, but they also help lessen the environmental footprint.

Utilize Renewable Energy

Wind and Solar energy are few of the fastest-growing energy source alternatives today. For business owners, investing in renewable energy could be one of the wisest investments to be done. Aside from lowering the electric bill, it also significantly lessens the impact on the environment.

Economic and environmental advantages of renewable energy include: Creating jobs and economic development in manufacturing and many more, widens energy supply and lessens dependence on local fuels, producing energy that won’t produce greenhouse gas emissions, and many more.

For some establishments, this may seem to be a bit challenging. But, paying attention to renewable energy resources has a significant impact on preventing pollution. If we aim for a less polluted future, we may need to consider using these available renewables and natural resources.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is so far the most significant contributor for almost every company. Producing natural gas and electricity creates greenhouse gas emissions. Installing and using energy-efficient types of equipment and systems could be a great help in reducing environmental footprint and saving energy.

Any business and workplace should pay attention to few key areas when it comes to energy consumption efficiency such as web hosting, heating (heating maintenance, insulation, etc.,), lighting (using efficient lightings, switch off the light when not in use), workplace equipment, cooling (maintenance of cooling pieces of equipment, timing controls).


Not only are business establishments responsible for making sure that we lessen our environmental footprint, but it should be everyone’s primary concern. We all should take part in slowing down our ongoing problem with climate change.

Reducing humanity’s environmental footprint is one of the essential ways to save our planet and live within its means truly. So, if you are planning to establish your own business or currently running one, invest and use your resources wisely.


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