5 Signs You Need an Executive Coach (and 5 You Don’t)

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Hiring an executive coach can help you get clear on your priorities, identify your goals, and then create the best possible path toward achieving those goals. But working with an executive coach isn’t just all rainbows and whistles; it’s that can get messy, requires a lot of commitment, and takes daily dedication for a consistent period of time. So before you make that commitment, let’s see if you’re really up for an executive coach.

Signs pointing to you need an executive coach

1. You want to save time, scale your quickly and make more money.

Whether you’re a new business owner or entrepreneur, or you’ve been in business and leading a team for decades, there are always opportunities to save time, continue to scale your business and make more money. An executive coach can help you separate opportunities that provide lasting value long into the future from the ones that are just great for the here-and-now. 

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2. You’re ready to eliminate the areas in your business that aren’t efficient and productive.

If you’re a leader, getting down into the details can be hard while also trying to maintain the broader vision and objective of the business. If you’re truly ready to cut out all the excess that’s keeping you and your team from being as efficient and productive as possible, an executive coach can help you do so without sacrificing a minute of your broader strategic goals. 

3. You need clarity on your goals and barriers and want through the process.

Listen, when I say accountability, I mean hold-your-feet-to-the-fire accountability. A lot of people say that they want accountability but then when they experience it, they resist. So, are you really ready for someone to truly hold you accountable? If so, an executive coach can provide it so you stay on track with your goals and get past all the barriers trying to hold you back. 

4. You want help streamlining your problem-solving.

An executive coach can help you problem-solve in a shorter amount of time by serving as a soundboard and sifting through all of your choices. Plus—any tools you pick up from your executive coaching can be used to navigate other professional and personal problems. 

5. You’re ready to set up systems and structures so you can have more work-life harmony and actually have time to enjoy your life.

At the end of the day, work isn’t everything and trying to find balance is overrated. An executive coach can help you navigate that divide between work and life, and instead find a harmony that allows the two to complement each other. 

But—not to be a downer here—even if you resonated with a few of the points above, that still doesn’t mean you’re entirely ready to hire an executive coach. A lot of people want the results but it takes hard work to get them. 

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Signs pointing to you don’t need an executive coach 

1. You’re resistant to change or working outside your comfort zone.

I get it. It doesn’t feel comfortable to be stretched and pulled outside your comfort zone. But it’s necessary for any kind of meaningful growth and change to take place. 

2. You tend to blame or play the victim.

Are the challenges you’re facing always someone else’s fault? If you tend not to take responsibility and ownership for your results, you’re not ready for an executive coach.  

3. You think you’re the smartest in your field.

Some people default to approaching every situation from a “I know it all” perspective, never willing to listen to a new point of view or consider making a change to optimize. Think you know it all? Forget hiring an executive coach.

4. You think by doing it all you will be successful.

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum and it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re against other people’s help or don’t believe in delegation as a leader, then you aren’t ready to receive the help of an executive coach. 

5. You already have all the support you need to save time, grow your business and make more money.

Without even knowing it, you might already have all the tools you need to be successful. Perhaps a healthy dose of is all you need to start or continue going. 

So, where did you end up? Ready as ever to call up an executive coach? If so, here’s one last piece of advice: do your research. Executive coaches are a dime a dozen, and not all are created equal. Make sure you find someone who has the qualified background that you want and will take the time to understand your goals for the coaching experience, and then hold both you and themselves accountable for progress and growth.

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