3 Significant Traits of an Entrepreneurial Mindset that You Must Follow

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Traits

As per the Neoclassical economists, entrepreneurship was backed by demand and supply forces and a rational thinking mind. Post the neoclassical era, a few other aspects added to make up the modern entrepreneurial mindset. Attributes like risk-taking, ability to learn, decision making in times of uncertainty, and cognitive abilities were also added. 

However, to explore the entrepreneurial mindset, psychologists McClelland and Hagen worked to develop trait theories. The motive was to understand their way of thinking and how they get around the daily challenges. Yes, the entrepreneurial mindset is different because it helps you propel towards a better future. Listed below are a few exclusive traits that will help you build an entrepreneur and stand out. 

Traits of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

1 – Commitment

Being committed to your mission is the first and foremost thing that you need to foster. Entrepreneurship is akin to a race where people who work on an idea and have a vision keep at it continuously, i.e., with consistency. 

Being committed to your idea is enough to garner and attract resources to flow towards you. More importantly, this means not to budge or bow down to everyday challenges (there will be many). 

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs that we see today were not even able to finish college. But that did not stop them from becoming the owners, one the biggest social networking platform on the globe. 

To nurture the attribute of commitment;

  • Stay true to your goals.
  • Work on your long term goals.
  • Ask questions to yourself to keep the fire of commitment running.
  • Pamper yourself now and then.


    2 – Curious like a 6-year old

    Not curious to know what your neighbors are cooking on thanksgiving, but towards yourself. Questioning yourself at every point, more importantly, you need to have all the answers to those questions. As an entrepreneur, you must be very clear on your goals and objectives. Create plans for the long term and follow them. Curiosity is something that must motivate you to wake up every day and follow a set plan. 

    An entrepreneur’s mind is innately curious to find a solution, to bring value to the society with a solution that was not available earlier. 

    Curiosity gets your thinking engine running like nothing else. One guy’s curiosity to know what lies beyond the Earth’s atmosphere turned into SpaceX, a space taxi. A curious mind will always think big and act bigger. There is nothing business as usual for an entrepreneur. Every day brings a new challenge and, with it, a new solution. 

    If you need help to develop a curious mind, follow this;

    • Think with an open mind
    • Don’t accept the world as it is.
    • Learn something new every day
    • Read books

          3 – Stand Out and Provide Value

          Yes, entrepreneurs do stand out of everybody else, because of their personality and their perspective towards life as we see it. The best part of nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset is seeking out challenges. Every entrepreneur’s mindset is to provide value to the user. The businesses they operate are premised on helping the user and make their lives easier. Thus, when you work towards building an entrepreneur’s mindset, think about how you can continuously provide value to your user. 

          The concept of standing out is not perfection, but it is all about showing up every single time. Even if nobody expects you to be here, you show up. Do things that are not expected of you, and you will start to stand out. 

          Ready to become an Entrepreneur?

          Commitment, Perseverance, and Endurance. Remember these three aspects because they are the basic ingredients to start your journey as an entrepreneur and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. If you are already walking the talk, then great, keep up the momentum, if not, then start walking on this path, and you will find yourself on the road to make it as an entrepreneur.

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