Why Censorship-free And Secure Blockchains Matter For the Metaverse

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Censorship is a hot topic, and for good reason. Censorship has been on the rise globally, with many activist groups now protesting against what is seen to be heavy handedness worldwide. If this censorship continues into the metaverse, then it will be a big problem, as the metaverse would merely serve the interests of the same elite that currently dominate the physical world. This is where Limitless comes in.

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The Censorship-Free Metaverse Integrator

Limitless is a company that wants to help new metaverse startups get off the ground, building their three-sided marketplace on the Polygon blockchain. This blockchain is ideal for the metaverse because it provides a censorship-free and secure place to set up and conduct transactions.

The metaverse is an online space that allows for users to create and share experiences with others. It is often described as the future of the Internet. There are many advantages to being involved in the metaverse, and Limitless is looking to help 300 new startups join in the next five years.

Mike Vitez, the co-founder and co-CEO at Limitless, says, “If we start thinking from a censorship-free perspective, we will see that there’s a big need for a player like Limitless.” He goes on to say that “this is something we are building up from scratch…it’s like being in the early 90s in the web1 world.”

David Taylor, Co-Founder and co-CEO at Limitless, says that the company will provide startups with “capital, development and marketing resources and help them scale to initial traction at record speeds.” 

He also says that Limitless is in a race to create a digital human experience and is “naturally opposed to large corporations that have been trying to conquer the digital avatars of their users – as we’ve seen from large social media and gaming corporations in the last few years.”

So why do censorship-free and secure blockchains matter for the metaverse? Because they are essential for ensuring that the Metaverse is accessible to everyone, not just those who are already in power.

How Security Ties Into All This

As we’ve seen, the metaverse is a potentially powerful tool for circumventing censorship. But if the metaverse is to reach its full potential, it must also be secure.

The Polygon blockchain that Limitless is leveraging is not only censorship-free, but it is also secure. This is because it uses a decentralized consensus mechanism, which means that there is no central point of failure.

What this means in practice is that the metaverse will be more resilient to attacks and less likely to experience downtime. This, in turn, will make it more attractive to users, who will have confidence that their experiences in the metaverse will be safe and reliable.

In conclusion, censorship-free and secure blockchains are essential for the metaverse because they ensure that the metaverse is accessible to everyone and secure against attack. Limitless is leading the way in making this a reality. Limitless has demonstrated their capabilities through the success of Next Earth, the third largest metaverse project with more than 45,000 virtual land owners, 230,000+ registered users, more than 2,500 transactions and with more than $10 million in total income. Next Earth has also launched their own token in January 2022 designed by Taylor which has reached $1B market cap recently, making the 9 month old startup – the first project by Limitless – a unicorn. The platform, created to become a self-sustaining and self-regulated not-for-profit supporting environmental causes on earth, has donated $1 million to environmental initiatives since launch in Q4 2021.


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