How to make more money from your website without more traffic

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Everybody wants to make more money from their website. That’s obvious.

Some have an ecommerce site and wish the orders were coming in more frequently, or they have an affiliate marketing site that isn’t living up to its potential.

The most obvious thought when it comes to making more money is to increase the traffic. More visitors means more chances for a purchase, right? Well, yes but more traffic is just putting a band aid onto a problem.

If your site isn’t making enough money, then you have to get to the bottom of the reason why. And more traffic isn’t going to solve the issue. Instead, do an analysis and look for the opportunities to make more money with the traffic you already have. 

In this article, I will go over several of the things you can be making more money with your site as it currently stands.

Increase conversions

A higher conversion rate is better than more traffic. What this means is that you optimize your content to produce more purchases, or conversions. There are a few ways to increase conversions and the process is called conversion rate optimization or CRO.

You should definitely learn the secret of high conversion rates that works best for your particular website. One way that works across many different types of sites is to improve the copy. Copywriting that is done well can increase conversions by pushing some psychological buttons in the reader and lead them to a purchase. 

Other ways are to add call to action buttons that entice the reader to go to a page for a product that features copy that will help convert to a sale.

Create an email list

The money is in the email list. It has been true since the earliest days of the internet and continues to hold true today. When Google can change its algorithm at any time and dramatically reduce your traffic, or any of your other traffic generating platforms like social media or Youtube, then you want something that is yours alone.

And that is your email list. People that sign up voluntarily to your list obviously like what it is that you are providing so they are more likely to convert. When they are in your funnel, you have the opportunity to keep marketing to them over time.

Better user experience

The biggest barrier to conversions may actually be the website itself. Many websites are bloated and slow or are simply hard to navigate.

When your website loads slowly due to too much conflicting software or badly written scripts, it makes for a poor user experience and many people will abandon the site before making a purchase.

 Likewise if it is hard to find the information that they are looking for when they come to the site. If they have to dig around for it, or worse, need to find the page to make a purchase, then this kills your conversions.

Make your site very easy to navigate with clear instructions on what you want the user to do next. Use good calls to action throughout and allow the user to navigate to the area that they need to be able to convert.

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How to make more money from your website without more traffic


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