Amazon shareholders block proposal to create better working conditions for warehouse workers

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Investors were asked to vote today at Amazon’s AGM on whether the company should conduct an independent audit of warehouse workers wages and working conditions.

Activist investor Tulipshare put forward the proposal following reports of high injury and employee turnover rates, serious injuries rates were reported about 80% more often amongst Amazon workers than other employees

Antoine Argouges, CEO and Founder of Tulipshare commented: “Whilst we are disappointed that our proposal did not pass today, this vote was just the beginning in the fight for workers rights. Amazon has not yet disclosed the full outcome of the vote, but based on the positive conversations we have had with major shareholders this week we have every reason to believe our proposal received strong backing. Once the results are published, we will consider our options for continuing the fight for better working conditions at Amazon.”

Constance Ricketts, Head of Shareholder Activism commented: “Tulipshare launched just a year ago as one of the first investment platforms to allow retail investors to put forward their proposals to transform the practices of large corporations. This momentous campaign was backed by hundreds of consumers and investors, all of them demanding that Amazon take accountability. And despite the company’s attempts to exclude our proposal, the Securities Exchange Commission sided with us, which will mean that more and more proposals like this one will be put to a vote in future.

“We look forward to continuing our work to ensure Amazon becomes the best company both for investors and for consumers, living up to its goal of becoming the ‘Earth’s best employer’.”

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