3 Secrets To Crushing Your Health Transformation Within the New Normal

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The pandemic has forced us into a new way of living, and it was unexpected from all fronts. The idea of going to the gym is still out the window for many people. But yet, even with it closed, you can still transform your health within this new normal society without going to the gym. 

This will probably be the best article you will consume today because of the next sentence. Within this new normal season, pig out without worries. Don’t count calories or figure out your macros. 

Eat cheerfully, be happily present with your family, and deeply reflect on how you want to progress in the next couple of years. Okay, now that we have that out of the way. Next, I want to share my three high-performance secrets to crushing your health transformation within the new normal.

Secret 1: Find out why you are unhappy

The real profound reason you want to transform your health is that you are currently unhappy. If your unhappiness with your health is not big enough, then you will not commit to your transformation all the way. You will actually fail and then come up with thousands of reasons why you failed. This time, it will be different, because I want you to grab a pen and pencil.

Start writing down why you want to transform your health. Please don’t make it sound pretty. If you’re going to gain muscle to take your shirt without being self-conscious of yourself, then write it down. If you’re going to lose weight to attract someone you can build a deep connection with and hopefully marry, write it down. If you want more energy to get your work done and be able to come home and play with your kids, then write it down. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting to transform your health, write it down. You are doing this exercise because you want to get down to the core reason of why you are going to commit to this health transformational journey. Many times, you rush into buying a gym membership, all the organic food and buying all the superfood supplements you possibly can. You go hard for about two weeks, then as rapidly as you started, you now are finding “greater” reasons and excuses to stop pushing for your health transformation.

You have been there, and I have been there too. My clients, just like you, have been there thousands of times. Right now, the way you look, feel, and overall sense of health is making you unhappy. So, rush to write down why you are unhappy now!

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Secret 2: Sleep better & deeper

When your sleep is off, then everything is off. The power of good quality sleep is undeniable to your health. And the fastest way to transform your health is by sleeping. Most of my clients report better energy, laser focus, and clear minds when they start to sleep better. The most significant result is their energy levels, alertness and overall sense of health improve instantly. The following list breaks down a recommended 21-day sleep challenge.

  1. Control your stress through journaling and exercise.

  2. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time.

  3. Sleep 7-8 hours a night.

  4. Use your bed for sex and sleep only.

  5. No cell phones, TV or technology in your bedroom.

  6. No naps throughout the day.

Focus on following this list. The rules seem simple, but don’t overlook them. The results will be tremendous energy throughout the day, a heightened sense of alertness and increased focus. It will take less than two weeks to feel the positive effects. 

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Secret 3: Drink water only

Drop every liquid except for water. Water is the magic elixir that trainers and all these performance coaches easily forget and are not telling you about. Water alone has the power to curb and even cut your cravings. By following my “Alpha Water Protocol,” you will be able to experience all the massive benefits of water:

Alpha Water Protocol

Alpha Spirit

  1. 1 tall glass of fresh alkalized water
  2. 2 pinches of pink salt
  3. Couple of drops of lemon & lime
  4. Repeat two times

When you wake up: Immediately drink 2-3 tall glasses of Alpha Spirit

Before you eat any meals: Drink 2 tall glasses of Alpha Spirit

Before you go to bed: Drink only 1 tall glass of Alpha Spirit

When you sleep, your body goes into rebuild mode. It uses essential minerals, water and other items to rebuild you. So, when you wake up, your body is literally starving for water. Not to mention, your body is made of 80% water. Your alone brain uses 20% of the water in your body to function while it is made up of 75% of water! Just a slight case of dehydration can have your brain working subpar. 

According to research from UC Davis, some of the mental symptoms of dehydration include brain fog, afternoon fatigue, focus issues, , anger, exhaustion, headaches, sleep issues, stress and a lack of mental clarity, to name just a few. 

Water is so crucial that you cannot survive three days without fresh water, but you can survive months without food. Drinking Alpha Spirit will instantly replenish your body and give you a much-needed jump start at optimal times of the day. But, beware, you may notice a spike in alertness and natural energy.  

Shoot for 2 gallons of water a day

Throughout your day, carry a gallon jug with you. Do your best to finish that jug twice. Now, you want to shoot for 2 gallons of water, because I know if you shoot for 2 gallons of water, you will drink at least 1 gallon and half. However, if you shoot for 1 gallon, you will only drink 3/4 gallon. I have tested it with clients numerous times, and in the end, it works.

Secret tip: Whenever you feel hungry, drink some water. 

I know we shouldn’t make guarantees. So, I am 99.9999989% certain that if you follow these three simple secrets, you will have a health transformation that your family and friends will be envious of.

As a high performer, focus, energy, clarity, alertness, optimization and so much more will come if you take the above information and make it a habit. Every week, focus on just one of these, and by three weeks, you will love what you see, but more importantly, you will love how you feel! 

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